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Profiles: Stirling Westrup -- Website Backend

Stirling Westrup is the guy in charge of the backend parts of the website; the underlaying PHP wiki engine (PMWiki), its care and feeding and dealing with various emergencies of a hardware and configuration nature.

Most of the actual look-and-feel was set up by others although, as the one most experienced with the software running the show, he was often the one tasked with configuring things to match someone’s vision.


I have to say that running the website for the WorldCon was a lot more work than I had hoped it would be. Most of my attempts to streamline things failed in one way or another. Mostly these were organizational issues as it became clear that the website really should have been an arm of the publishing part of the enterprise, not its own section. Well live and learn. Next time Montreal holds a WorldCon, I’ll be better informed as to how to set things up.

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