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You are receiving this letter because at some point, either by email or on
your membership form, you offered to volunteer for the 2009 Worldcon in

Let me first offer our thanks, because it is people like you who make this
whole thing possible. The Worlcon is run entirely by volunteers, from the
very top of the convention committee down to the people fetching coffee and
donuts. Everyone's help counts!

We are currently compiling a database of volunteers so that we can assign
everyone to the tasks that suit you best.

So if you're still interested in volunteering, please take a moment to fill
out our Volunteer Form found at
http://www.anticipationsf.ca/English/VolunteerForm. If you have already
filled out the form, or if you've already been assigned a task, please
disregard this email.

Again, thank you all for your offer of assistance!


Anticipation volunteer department
volunteers at anticipationsf.ca
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