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You are receiving this letter because you indicated on your registration
form that you would like to be a program participant for the 2009 Worldcon
in Montreal.

We are very pleased to announce that the programme participation forms for
Anticipation, the Montreal Worldcon in '09, are now live. We would be
delighted if you completed the form for us. If you are thinking of coming to
Montreal, for the World Science Fiction convention, even if you are not yet
sure, please fill it in.*  It will give the team an idea of what you are
interested in, and help them to create a really interesting and challenging

Do remember that to be on programming you must be a fully paid up member.

We need people on programming for all aspects of science fiction and
fantasy, written fiction, visual media, craft, music and sound, issues of
human culture, programming for young people, reading sessions,discussions
about editing, creative writing workshops, demonstrations, talks, docent
walks around the city, or around the convention.

The French form can be found here:

The English form can be found here:

If you are bi-lingual to any degree, we really do want to know (someone who
understands French/English but cannot respond in it, is just as useful to us
as someone who can speak both languages).

*It is much easier to remove you from the programme if you decide you can't
attend, than it is to find you an interesting programme later on.

All the very best, on behalf of Anticipation,

Farah Mendlesohn
Head of Programme
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