[Anticipation-Hugo-ceremony] Denvention Hugo Ceremony Mega-Schedule.

Laurie Mann ldtmann at dpsinfo.com
Sun Apr 26 18:52:13 PDT 2009

Here's how I tracked what we did for Denver, in terms of time and items 
we had to be sure we had.

Denvention Hugo Ceremony Meta-Schedule

Other than ensuring the Hugo info packets are distributed to each 
nominee, Hugo Ceremony really don't have lots to do during the early 
part of the convention.  I expect to meet with Wil McCarthy at some 
point early in the week so, one hopes, he can have a little extra stage 
time before the Masquerade rehearsals start. I'll talk to Bill and Alex 
to work this out.

Saturday morning, Hugos starts working with the stage.  We want to make 
sure the podium, mics and stairs are ready.  I'm not sure if we are 
charged for any of these items.

I need to work with Seth to set-up reserved seating for the nominees, 
presenters, DHs and press.  I'll prepare a lot of "RESERVED" signs for 
the front.  Will Events/Technical have some of the big tape to drape 
around the reserved area?  (Anticipation - be sure to find the diagram 
of the stage and the auditorium seating to share with your staff.)

Other technical items:

  On stage: two large screens - are already onstage by default.
         o  One podium/lectern, mic attached
         o  Three free-standing mics
  In technical area: 
         o  2-3 personal data projects  (Technical provides)
         o  2 flash drives with pre-show photos, nominee PowerPoint slides,
                          In Memoriam Slides, and other show slides
         o  Gobo projector -- Technical (lighting)

        o  8 folding chairs
        o  Water set-up
        o  2 6' tables to store Hugo statues
        o  Radio for stage manager (Randy Smith)

Hugo Ceremony and the Stage

    Saturday 11am: Meet with Bill, Gay Ellen, Randy, Alex: Make sure we 
have access to all the  backstage rooms.
    Saturday noon-3  All presenters and nominees (in and out at their 
    Saturday 3-4  Rehearsal with Wil McCarthy (MC)
    Saturday 4-4:30  Kathy Mar rehearsal
    Saturday 4:30-5:00  Review all technical issuesSaturday 6:30 Hall 
opens for audience,     Powerpoint photoshow starts
    Saturday 7:30 Show Starts
    Saturday 9-9:30 Show ends/winner photography onstage
    Saturday 10:00 all Hugo Ceremony people/materials cleared from backstage

Mary Kay and I have started to correspond about when/how to move the 
Hugo statues over to the Hall.  Since an office is lockable, we will 
lock the statues in the Events office (AKA "Star Dressing Room 3" on the 
CCC map).  We need to figure out where the unpicked-up statues go after 
the ceremony.

Pre-Hugo Reception

    Complete set-up by 5:45pm.
    Doors open promptly at 6:00pm (probably a little earlier, but no 
later than).
    Nominee photography starts at 6:30pm.
    Nominees are seated at 7:20pm in audience.

Set-up photography area before 6:00pm (probably the area marked Wells 
Fargo Theatre Docks)
   Backdrop: Is there going to be some sort of portable Denvention 
       If there is, and it's portable, we'd like that moved to the
       pre-Hugo reception for photography.

Cash bar:  5:30-7:30  (no drink chits this year, warn people in advance)
       The center requires a 4 hour minimum for
       bartender service; however they will only be open for two hours. 
(it looks like the cash
       bar would be $500 at the worst, and may be less since one
       bartender is free for each $400 of sales).

Hugo Ceremony

    6:30 - photography show starts  (will be
          a randomized Windows photo show, so it will just need to
          be started, with the "sleep" setting set to 70 minutes) doors 
to hall open
    7:30 - show starts, Laurie and Gay introduce Wil McCarthy,
              who handles everything, show ends by 9:30 at
              the very latest, 9:00 is the goal.

I think the ceremony ended at about 9:10.

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