[Anticipation-Hugo-ceremony] Travelling to Montreal

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Sat Aug 1 16:36:52 PDT 2009

Andrew Gurudata and I will be arriving late Wednesday night - he's picking me up around 5pm at my office just west of Toronto and we're driving up. (I could rant about why I have to work right up until Wednesday, but not right now...)

My cell number is 416-886-3279, and I will have my laptop with me during the con, so will be able to check email. Also, Events will have office space in 515C, with Programme Ops. I'll be at the Delta Centre-Ville - my name is on the room reservation, but just in case the hotel receptionist is as efficient as I expect and can't find my name, I'm rooming with Dan Zlotnikov.


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> All,
>    Here, in barely organized form, are all
> of the responses so far.
> If you haven't replied, please take the time to do so, as
> it will help
> us communicate with each other once in Montreal.
>   Thanks!
>           -Ian
>  Ian Stockdale & Ruth Leibig:   arriving
> Montreal 5pm Tuesday,
>            staying at
> the Delta, phone number 650-468-9098
>            will be
> checking email occasionally
> Laurie and I arrive mid-afternoon Tuesday.  We're
> staying at Hotel 262
> St, Jacques.
>        My cell phone is
> 412-559-1830, but please use it in emergencies only
>        as I'll be paying obnoxious
> roaming charges.
>        I hope to have email access
> at least several times per day.
>   z!:  will be arriving Wednesday (timie
> tbd)  with Alex (and leaving
> Tuesday, I think)
>       Cell phone is +1 408 910 5309, which
> will also have roaming charges,
>       but hopefully not too excessive....
>       Highly likely that I'll also be
> carrying a tech dept radio.
>  Rick Kovalcik will be arriving Sunday night (8/2) and
> staying at the Embassy
>  Suites until Tuesday (8/11).
>  My cell (1-508-259-6819) should work and the roaming
> charges are about
>  the same as the pay-as -you-go phone I found
> are.   If I find a better phone I
>  can always call people back if they call me.
>  Julie Czerneda:  Roger and I will arrive mid
> afternoon on Tuesday.
> We're staying
>  at the Intercontinental. I'll send numbers etc separately,
> but I'm assuming
>  the hotel will have full internet in the rooms and I'll
> check email as I can.
>  Ruth Stuart will know where I am. ::grins:: If not Ruth,
> then Roger.
>  John Maizels:  We're arriving on Tuesday afternoon
> (after arriving in the US
>  Sunday evening).   Cell phone is
> 714-422-7430 (works in US but not
>  Canada).  Will still be checking email at frequent
> intervals.  Staying at
>  the Delta.
>  Randy Smith:  My current plans are:  Arrive on
> Wednesday, August 5;
>     Depart on Tuesday, August 11.
>     Staying at:  Holiday Inn Select Montreal
> Centre-Ville.
>     Telephone:  (510)909-1004, provided we
> get it set up so that it
> works in Canada.
>      I will have my laptop with me so I
> will be able to get e-mail.
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