[Anticipation-Hugo-ceremony] Notable times for Sunday

Ian Stockdale ies at acm.org
Mon Aug 3 00:11:26 PDT 2009


  Jim, John, and I have done some work on the timeline since sending
it about a week ago.  The new version is attached.  This cover note
calls out a few notable times, particularly for the Hugo ceremony
staff.  John will have additional information for his crew.

   Here goes:

1100h:  Pre-rehearsal staff meeting:
              Rundown for the day, introduce team and roles
              est. 25-40mins.  Some of us will need to dash here
              from the business meeting.

 1130h or immediately after the previous meeting:
      Meeting (John/Ian/Jim/Randy/Julie/Yves) re: tech issues and script

 1200h:  Some staff people will be needed to help with tech crew
             rehearsal.  Please check your schedules to see if you
             are free.

  1330h:  Escorts call

  1400h:  Main rehearsal begins.  (May start a little early for
              David Hartwell.)

  1800h:  Reception begins

We know of some Sunday morning and afternoon conflicts already.  If
you have a conflict and are not completely sure that we know of it,
please send mail to me and Jim.  Everyone should plan to be available
from the reception onwards.

  Thanks again for your help!

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