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FYI... in case any of you are not on the Anticipation staff list.


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Staff Den
Embassy Suites Room 1014
Ask for a key at the front desk, swipe it through the reader in the
elevator to get up to the room, and put it in their drop off box when
you come in.

Convention Office (Signage, Operations)
Delta Hotel Verrierre Room
1st floor right off the lobby; turn right when you come in; the
entrance is between the gift shop and a clothing shop display.

As of now, free wifi access is available at:

The Delta
5th floor, Verrierre
Network name: DELTA
Password: e3fa9077

Embassy Suites
Network name: Embassy
Passcode is: Canada
(**use the French page to sign in! English does not work**)
Anticipation at the Palais keeps dropping in and out as of 12:56,
setup is still going on.

Updates as available. See Facilities page for more information about
wifi access during the con.

Need more info?

Check the staff web site at http://www.anticipationsf.ca/Staff/Home

Next meeting schedules and other staff news can be found at

If you need the username and password please contact
webmaster at anticpationsf.ca, or info can be posted by e-mailing it to
webcontent at anticipationsf.ca
Staff mailing list
Staff at anticipationsf.ca

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