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At 17:48 29/07/2009, Carl Zwanzig wrote:

>A few things (mostly tech-centric):

And a few answers, mostly from the perspective of getting the show right.

>Historically, Hugo rehearsals have been only a couple of hours. Is 
>five+ hours really needed?

Yes.   I considered the alternative, which is to go to the start 
under-rehearsed.   But I don't think Jim and Ian would be very happy 
with that.   Seriously, I've allowed enough time for the crew to get 
very very rehearsed with what I anticipate will be some quite tight 
calling.   This also gives me enough time to rehearse with the crew in place.

Having just got off the phone from CCR, I'm into risk-management 
territory here.   I could be wrong, but my sense is that we've pushed 
them into some quite unfamiliar territory.  They are responding, which is good.

>Who's required to arrive at 1000? For the 1100 staff meeting?

Dept heads at most.  Possibly only me, and the staging staff under 
control of Randy.

>Tech "fire-up" is 1100, but crew call is 1130. Which is it? Who?

The gear will fire up and be checked at 1100 - that's a CCR 
responsibility.   I need crew at 1130 for the show briefing, and we 
start in-position crew rehearsal at 1200.

>How much crew is required and when?

All of the video, audio and lighting crew for the times shown.

>This schedule has the potential to gobble up an entire 25-person 
>crew for the entire day.

Yes.   It does.

>I can see a few people being needed for the whole day, but not most 
>of the unless they want to be there.  For example- if the camera and 
>followspot ops are at all skilled, I'd expect them to make sure 
>their setups work and to practice the moves, but I don't see a 
>reason for them to be present otherwise.

No, they can be somewhere else and the cameras will rehearse 
themselves.   Um... OK, that was me being annoying.   Here's the 
thing, and I'll say this only once:  no matter how skilled the 
performers are, the conductor cannot rehearse until all performers 
are in place, and if any of the performers go away it's no longer an 
ensemble rehearsal.

>Actually, the same could be said for most of the operators (some, 
>such as the graphics op, might need more practice). Obviously, this 
>doesn't apply to the video/event director and their assistant.

Well.... my experience with these things is that you can't rehearse a 
shoot like this without everyone being in place.   OK, I said it more 
than once.

>Basically, these rehearsals have usually consisted mostly of showing 
>the presenters where to walk. With lots of dead time when they're 
>late/missing, we risk severe crew boredom and possible burnout from 
>extreme thumb twiddling.

Yes, but that's usually.  I'm pretty scared of "usually".   It's up 
to me to ensure that we have the crew rehearsed, and that's part of 
the crew signup deal.   My commitment is to do the planning so that 
everyone knows what's going on.... can you remember the last time 
that we published a schedule and crew call this far in 
advance?   There's a 2-hour crew break before the actual show recall, 
and we might break even earlier if tech rehearsals have gone well.

>IIRC, tech dinner is 1800. Location unknown.

Tech dinner on which night?  Do I know anything about this?   On 
Sunday there is crew feeding organised as part of the gig for lunch 
and dinner.

>Is the crew released while photos are still being taken? I think 
>that only 30 minutes from end of show to crew leaving is optimistic. 
>Light op will need to stay until the photos are complete.

The crew is scheduled to be in one of the Hugo winner group 
photos.   It will be cameras down from 5 minutes after the ceremony 
end, and full tech shutoff maybe 30 mins from end of ceremony.

>* Is someone organizing the post-show photos?


>* Has someone already written the VoG announcements? (Other than 
>house-required oncs, I generally despise them.)

Good question.  Ian/Jim?

>* Is there music from the time from end of pre-show slides until 
>event start? Should be.

The preshow slides don't end until the show starts.  Yes, there will 
be some sort of continuous music.

>I'll probably think of something else, but not for at least 8 hours.

ZZZZZZZ.   For maybe 5 hours.  :-)

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