[Anticipation-Hugo-ceremony] Travelling to Montreal

John Maizels jmaizels at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jul 30 05:47:11 PDT 2009

We're arriving on Tuesday afternoon (ok, evening... I'm driving up 
with three people of the other gender, which means four 
shoppers >:-}.  Is there an outlet mall on the Interstate from NJ?).

Staying at the Delta C-V.   Cell phone is 714-422-7430 until the 
border, after which AT&T tells me it becomes null and void.   That's 
even more obnoxious than roaming charges.   Will still be checking 
email at frequent intervals.


John P Maizels
Mobile: +61-412-576-888

Chair,  Media Industry Technologist Certification Ltd
SMPTE Governor, Asia Pacific Region
Immediate Past Chair, SMPTE Australia Section
www smpte org au

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