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orycon25chair at comcast.net orycon25chair at comcast.net
Sun Jun 1 10:16:23 PDT 2008

Rene, thanks very much for the information. I will pass this along to my folks.

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From: Site Selection <siteselection at anticipationsf.ca>
> Hello,
> In order to make things easier for everyone, can 
> you please contact us at this address 
> (siteselection at anticipationsf.ca) if you have any 
> questions or requests related to Site Selection 
> for the 2011 Worldcon.
> FYI, e-mails sent to this address will be 
> received by the chairs of Anticipation (Robbie 
> Bourget and René Walling), as well as the Site 
> Selection Administrator (Glenn Glazer) and his 
> assistant (Peter Jarvis).
> Thanks!
> Rene

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