[Siteselection] More info for Site selection

René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Sat May 31 14:06:41 PDT 2008

At 2:01 PM -0700 5/31/08, Glenn Glazer wrote:
>René Walling wrote:
>  >
>  > Glenn: if you feel it is needed, we can put a notice on the web site
>  > saying that any questions about site selection be sent to this
>  > address.
>  >
>Hi, René.
>No, if you are going to contact both bids, it shouldn't be necessary to
>put the notice on the website as well.  It would still be good though,
>to add it as a mailto link on the committee list in case they
>lose/forget/etc. the alias name or others have questions.

Ok, but what about members who have questions 
about voting and all that? IMO,  we wil 
eventually need to make this (or another) address 
more public for them. (just thinking ahead)


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