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Glenn Glazer glenn.glazer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 17:10:35 PDT 2008

Hi, John.

So, on the Monday after D3, I had a long chat with Steve Francis and 
Dick Spelman, who have work most, if not all of the site selection 
tables over the last couple of decades. 

As far as location goes, it needs to be near the fan tables, of course.  
Unlike the poor placement at D3, it needs to have flow going by it.  
This is for three reasons:
       - increasing the visibility of the tables and access of the 
voters to encourage people to vote
       - better queueing so that the back of the line doesn't hit the 
Xerps (for example) table.
       - better emergency exiting

On the subject of number of tables, we will need roughly twice as much 
space as D3 because we will be doing a NASFiC selection as well.  Each 
basic "U" for a poll takes four tables in the "U", with the bottom being 
the two table side.  Each "U" also needs four chairs.  There should also 
be a round table for each poll and a backstage prep/storage table with 
two chairs.  For two polling areas, this comes to 10 rectangular tables, 
12 chairs and two round tables.

Other requirements include pipe and drape to separate the two areas, 
phone lines for the card swipers and power for swipers and laptops.

A wish list item would be flying signs that say "Worldcon Site 
Selection" and "NASFiC Site Selection".  If we make these generic, then 
we could donate them to WSFS for other conventions to use, much as other 
cons have donated ATA cases for exhibits shipping.



john mansfield wrote:
> First, I have just found out that you are one of my Depts heads.
> So I look forward to finding out how many tables you expect to use, 
> the layout you prever and where you would like to see such a 
> location.  Think of the space being laid out ala Denver, but with 
> smaller art show & dealers area.
> John M
> Glenn Glazer wrote:
>> Thanks, John.
>> As the department head, how do I provide input into the location 
>> selection process?
>> Best,
>> Glenn
>> On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 9:29 AM, john mansfield <pgh at mts.net 
>> <mailto:pgh at mts.net>> wrote:
>>     While the fan tables & site selection will be in the exhibit area,
>>     the exact locations are yet to be determined.
>>     John M
>>     Exhibits 09
>>     Glenn Glazer wrote:
>>         Hello, folks.
>>         I would like to know if there is a map available with labels
>>         for the various functions on it.  In particular, I am
>>         interested in knowing what the current plans are for placing
>>         the fan tables and site selection.
>>         Thanks and much obliged,
>>         Glenn


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