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Ms Bedwell, I think you have misunderstood the function of site selection  
at a World Science Fiction Convention, which Anticipation is.  We are not  
looking for a site to hold a function, we are choosing between two or more  
cities which have committees who are bidding for the right to hold a  World 
Science Fiction Convention.  As such, since Anticipation has  already a) won 
the right to hold the convention and b) already negotiated for  all its 
space and function needs, I am afraid that Anticipation will not be in  need of 
the services your firm provides.
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Glenn Good  Morning:

Please allow me to  introduce myself; I am a  Manager of Global Accounts 
with  HelmsBriscoe.  Specifically we  help with hotel site selection for group 
meetings, workshops, seminars and  conferences.  We do all of the work and 
don't charge a fee.   I have attached information describing exactly what 
services we  can provide to your organization at no fee.  
HelmsBriscoe  is the largest and most well respected site selection firm in 
the hospitality  industry.  We specialize in assisting meeting planners and 
planning  committees as they negotiate with and choose hotels for events of 
all  sizes.  Because HelmsBriscoe generates more revenue within the hotel  
industry than any other entity, our client’s benefits in the form of lower  
sleeping room rates, better concessions and more favorable contract  terms.  
My contact  information is below if you would like my assistance.  Thank  


Cheryl A. Bedwell
Manager Global Accounts
727  365-8211-B
_cbedwell at helmsbriscoe.com_ (mailto:cbedwell at helmsbriscoe.com) 

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