[Siteselection] Secure storage room

René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 20:50:18 PDT 2009


I am writing to all of you because you all have needs for secure storage

Thursday and Friday (nights only): Storage of Site Selection ballot 
boxes, storage of unassembled Hugo trophies (still in their boxes)

Saturday and Sunday: Assembly and storage of Hugo trophies

The room is on the 6th floor and is quite close to where the Hugo 
Ceremony will take place, so bringing the trophies to the ceremony 
should prove easy enough (someone will have to get some cheap cloth 
to cover them just in case)

Unfortunately, it is a bit far from the Exihibit Hall whichi is on 
the 2nd floor, but I figure it is closer than someone's hotel room.

If you all agree to it, this is how I see things working:

Thursday and Friday, one key will be in the hands of Glenn Glazer and 
Peter Jarvis (Site Selection) so they can store the ballot boxes.

Saturday morning: Glenn and Peter hand their keys over to Diane Lacey 
and Jeff Orth (Hugo Awards) who can then assemble the Hugos trophies 
either Saturday or late on Sunday -- hey, why do things ahead of time 

The plan hinges on two things: 1) Both Glenn and Peter are available 
at the site selection table and 2) both Diane and Jeff can drop by to 
pick their keys up.

What do you all say?

If everyone is OK with this, I will put in a request for the room 
with Facilities.



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