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Glenn Glazer glenn.glazer at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 07:48:30 PDT 2009

This works for me.  I've put in a request to logistics for a hand truck.



René Walling wrote:
> Hi!
> I am writing to all of you because you all have needs for secure storage
> Thursday and Friday (nights only): Storage of Site Selection ballot 
> boxes, storage of unassembled Hugo trophies (still in their boxes)
> Saturday and Sunday: Assembly and storage of Hugo trophies
> The room is on the 6th floor and is quite close to where the Hugo 
> Ceremony will take place, so bringing the trophies to the ceremony 
> should prove easy enough (someone will have to get some cheap cloth to 
> cover them just in case)
> Unfortunately, it is a bit far from the Exihibit Hall whichi is on the 
> 2nd floor, but I figure it is closer than someone's hotel room.
> If you all agree to it, this is how I see things working:
> Thursday and Friday, one key will be in the hands of Glenn Glazer and 
> Peter Jarvis (Site Selection) so they can store the ballot boxes.
> Saturday morning: Glenn and Peter hand their keys over to Diane Lacey 
> and Jeff Orth (Hugo Awards) who can then assemble the Hugos trophies 
> either Saturday or late on Sunday -- hey, why do things ahead of time ;)
> The plan hinges on two things: 1) Both Glenn and Peter are available 
> at the site selection table and 2) both Diane and Jeff can drop by to 
> pick their keys up.
> What do you all say?
> If everyone is OK with this, I will put in a request for the room with 
> Facilities.
> Thanks!
> Rene
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