[Siteselection] Site Selection Ballots

Elaine Brennan info at anticipationsf.ca
Thu May 21 15:32:06 PDT 2009

Dear Mike:

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Mike Kennedy <mikek999 at earthlink.net>wrote:

> Your RTF Site Selection ballots (both Worldcon and NASFiC) pretty much suck
> -- they do not format/print correctly in Word (PC or Mac) or any of several
> other RTF-aware word processing programs I have available.

Thanks for alerting us to this problem -- I'm copying your message, and this
reply, to Glenn Glazer, Anticipation's Site Selection administrator, for

Glenn -- I also tried to print the rtf files and also found significant
problems.   Can you please replace those problematic files on the
Anticipation website with PDFs as quickly as possible?

> When/if are you going to re-post PDFs or something else which will reliably
> print correctly?
> Mike Kennedy
> supporting member

Thanks, again, Mike, for the heads up!

All the best,

Elaine M Brennan, Head
Anticipation -- the 67th World Science Fiction Convention
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
6-10 August 2009
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