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Hello to all
I've translated a text to French (English original is posted below). If anyone can proofread the French text, and confirm my translation of the term "Mark Protection Committee", please do so.

Les membres de la prochaine Worldcon comprennent les membres de la ''World Science Fiction Society'' (Société mondiale de science fiction), une société littéraire non-enregistrée.
Les Worldcons administrent les prix Hugos [[Hugos | Hugo Awards]], sélectionnent les prochains sites des Worldcons [[SiteSelection | future Worldcon sites]] et tiennent les rencontres d'affaires de la WSFS.
Il existe aussi plusieurs comités permanents et ad hoc de la WSFS, dont le Mark Protection Committee (comité de protection de la marque), qui est l'organe de la WSFS entre les Worldcons.

La WSFS possède une charte [[http://www.wsfs.org/bm/const-2006.html | constitution]] et un site web  [[http://www.wsfs.org/ | web site]]. (en anglais seulement)

La WSFS administre un programme "passer les fonds" ('Pass Along Funds'), de sorte que chaque Worldcon reçoit des fonds des trois Worldcons précédentes, et passe les profits aux trois prochaines Worldcons, ce qui égalise les fluctuations financières d'année en année. Anticipation participe au programme "passer les fonds". Pour plus d'informations, voir cet article de Mark Olson [[http://www.nippon2007.us/wsfs.php#paf | article]].

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> ----------------------------
> [[#topp]]
> (:Fr:WSFS:)
> (:title World Science Fiction Society:)
> The members of the current upcoming Worldcon comprise the membership of the
> ''World Science Fiction Society'', an unincorporated literary society. 
> The Worldcons administer the 
> [[Hugos | Hugo Awards]], select 
> [[SiteSelection | future Worldcon sites]], and host Business Meetings for the
> WSFS.  Several standing and ad-hoc committees of the WSFS also operate,
> chief among them, the Mark Protection Committee, which serves as the
> between-Worldcon WSFS presence.
> The WSFS has a 
> %newwin% [[http://www.wsfs.org/bm/const-2006.html | constitution]] and a 
> %newwin% [[http://www.wsfs.org/ | web site]].
> The WSFS also has a 'Pass Along Funds' program, in which each Worldcon
> receives funds from the previous three Worldcons, and 'passes along' any
> profits to the next three Worldcons, smoothing out the year to year financial
> variations.  Anticipation is participating in the Pass Along Funds
> program.  For further information, see an 
> %newwin% [[http://www.nippon2007.us/wsfs.php#paf | article]] by Mark Olson.
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