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"Comité de protection de la marque" is, in my opinion, fine.  If  
anything, I would question the accuracy of the English term "mark", as  
I would have thought that "brand" was the proper word here.

In this context, I would however perhaps suggest to say "passez les  
fonds", but it is a minor thing.

Sylvain St-Pierre

Quoting S L <waterdelph at hotmail.com>:

> Hello to all
> I've translated a text to French (English original is posted below).  
>  If anyone can proofread the French text, and confirm my translation  
>  of the term "Mark Protection Committee", please do so.
> Thanks!
> Saskia
> Les membres de la prochaine Worldcon comprennent les membres de la   
> ''World Science Fiction Society'' (Société mondiale de science   
> fiction), une société littéraire non-enregistrée.
> Les Worldcons administrent les prix Hugos [[Hugos | Hugo Awards]],   
> sélectionnent les prochains sites des Worldcons [[SiteSelection |   
> future Worldcon sites]] et tiennent les rencontres d'affaires de la   
> Il existe aussi plusieurs comités permanents et ad hoc de la WSFS,   
> dont le Mark Protection Committee (comité de protection de la   
> marque), qui est l'organe de la WSFS entre les Worldcons.
> La WSFS possède une charte [[http://www.wsfs.org/bm/const-2006.html   
> | constitution]] et un site web  [[http://www.wsfs.org/ | web   
> site]]. (en anglais seulement)
> La WSFS administre un programme "passer les fonds" ('Pass Along   
> Funds'), de sorte que chaque Worldcon reçoit des fonds des trois   
> Worldcons précédentes, et passe les profits aux trois prochaines   
> Worldcons, ce qui égalise les fluctuations financières d'année en   
> année. Anticipation participe au programme "passer les fonds". Pour   
> plus d'informations, voir cet article de Mark Olson   
> [[http://www.nippon2007.us/wsfs.php#paf | article]].
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>> ----------------------------
>> [[#topp]]
>> (:Fr:WSFS:)
>> (:title World Science Fiction Society:)
>> The members of the current upcoming Worldcon comprise the membership of the
>> ''World Science Fiction Society'', an unincorporated literary society.
>> The Worldcons administer the
>> [[Hugos | Hugo Awards]], select
>> [[SiteSelection | future Worldcon sites]], and host Business   
>> Meetings for the
>> WSFS.  Several standing and ad-hoc committees of the WSFS also operate,
>> chief among them, the Mark Protection Committee, which serves as the
>> between-Worldcon WSFS presence.
>> The WSFS has a
>> %newwin% [[http://www.wsfs.org/bm/const-2006.html | constitution]] and a
>> %newwin% [[http://www.wsfs.org/ | web site]].
>> The WSFS also has a 'Pass Along Funds' program, in which each Worldcon
>> receives funds from the previous three Worldcons, and 'passes along' any
>> profits to the next three Worldcons, smoothing out the year to year  
>>  financial
>> variations.  Anticipation is participating in the Pass Along Funds
>> program.  For further information, see an
>> %newwin% [[http://www.nippon2007.us/wsfs.php#paf | article]] by Mark Olson.
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