[Translation] Anticipation translation and proof-reading services

Eugene Heller eugeneheller at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 21:11:37 PST 2008

Hi, everyone,

This is Eugene Heller.  I am the head of the Member Services division for Anticipation and it seems that translation is to fall into my bailiwick.  Rene Walling asked me to look over the organization of translation for the convention.  I'll be involved in getting a lot of texts translated because Progress Reports and Souvenir Book are part of this division.  I don't want to just take over.  I'd rather have translation services be organized in a way that suits you who are already doing it.  

Saskia and I had a bit of good discussion at Con*cept but I'm not sure that I understand how many people have volunteered to do translation.  I'd like it if all of you who are subscribed to this list introduced yourselves and said a bit about your translation experience and your expectations about how it ought to be organized.  I know that I've seen Sylvain's (St-Pierre) name associated with some work for the progress reports but I have very little idea of who else is available.  I apologize if all this has been done before.  If it has, please just forward me the appropriate messages or point me at a list archive (if one exists).

I can do very small bits of translation from English to French (badly).  I do a couple of paragraphs at work from time to time and get few complaints.  I'm pretty good at proof-reading other people's results. 

I'm hoping to have a group of dedicated proof-readers, both for French and English.  I already have one volunteer.   I think that, in general, it would be better if the proof-readers were not the same people as the translators so that the translators do not get overloaded.  If you know of anyone who might like to volunteer as a proof-reader, please let me know.

Here is an example of a system that I've seen to work.  This system requires that one person is chosen to be the head of the team (if any of you are interested in volunteering to be the head, please say so).

- Items are e-mailed privately to the head
- Head negotiates:
    * time-line for each item and for the group of items as a whole (in case of conflict, in what order do the requesters want the items?)
    * format
    * background info (similar texts, key terms, etc)
- Head is in charge of giving out assignments
- First is there a particular translator wanted for the job (usually only for particular experience)
- Head asks for volunteers
- Head assigns the item, including time-frame
- Head scribe reminds (nags) as necessary
- Completed item can go either to head or directly to requester
- Notice of completion goes to head
( major difference here is that each item also needs proofreading both before assignment to translators and after it is received back from the translators)

I know that I'm new here but I'd like to hear from all of you.  Let's start a discussion because I don't know much about this.  Thank you all for the work that you've done, so far.

With hope for the future,


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