[Translation] translation needed

Mike McMillan manager at rockyhigh66.org
Mon Nov 3 11:59:51 PST 2008

Hi Gang,

Please translate -


I'm putting together biography pages for the Montréal Worldcon web site, and I
need a glamour photo of you.  Not too big, (I'm on dialup), not too small,
around 400 to 1600 pixels on a side so I can trim it to fit.  

You can send it to me either at
manager at rockyhigh66.org   or to
webmaster at anticipationsf.ca

The biography pages won't go live until January. Here's your bio page,

Also, if you have a web site or a blog, please send me the url address.


Also, folks, we have a lot of biographies needing translation on the 
pages.  You'll need to sign in to get to them, and I have your username and
passwords if you don't have them.  Let me know, please.


humble web minion

from  manager at rockyhigh66.org  Mike McMillan

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