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Mon Nov 3 18:06:12 PST 2008


I don't know if anyone has sent their stuff in for translation, so I 
am playing it safe and sending you everything I have is several 



>Here is some prose you can use for the PR - hopefully it is polished enough:
>Science Programme news:
>Anticipation is pleased to host the George Hay Science Room at the 
>2009 Worldcon. The room is sponsored by the Science Fiction 
>Foundation, and will offer a space for demonstrations, science Kaffe 
>Klatches, and a Science Poster display.
>It is well known that SF fans have a strong interest in Science, and 
>at Denvention it was noticed that a lot of fans were lured to the 
>Poster displays from the adjoining Joint Statistical Meeting. So for 
>the first time in its history, the Worldcon will be augmenting the 
>Science programme with a Poster session. Posters will be displayed 
>in the George Hay Science Room and presenters will be around on the 
>Friday to provide guidance and answer questions.
>We invite University and College students to submit Posters that 
>they have used in recent Science conferences. Submissions for the 
>Poster Session can be made via email to posters at anticipationsf.ca. 
>The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2009, twenty submissions 
>will be selected and notified by the 30 April 2009. Those selected 
>will be awarded a one day pass for the Poster presenter for the 
>Friday of the convention.

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