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René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 18:07:39 PST 2008

>Hi there,
>Sorry for the delay. I expected to have this in 
>earlier, but I spent six hours chatting online 
>with my boyfriend tonight and we only signed off 
>about 20 minutes ago. Oops.
>Since our last update, the Events Division have 
>been busy recruiting directors for the various 
>events that will be taking place at 
>Anticipation. Unfortuately, our original 
>Masquerade Directors, Barb Schofield and Martin 
>Miller have had to step down from their 
>positions; however, we have been fortunate in 
>that we have been able to replace them with 
>Byron Connell. Byron is an experienced 
>Masquerade Director, and has been hard at work. 
>Elsewhere in this Progress Report, you will find 
>information on how to participate in the 
>We have also recruited Jannie Shea to be our 
>liaison to ASFA for the Chesley Awards. The 
>Chesley Awards are presented for achievement in 
>SF and fantasy art. You will find information 
>about the Chesleys elsewhere in this Progress 
>Liana Kerzner has joined us in the capacity of 
>the director of the Prix Aurora Awards. The 
>Auroras are the Canadian equivalent of the Hugo 
>Awards, and are presented for fiction and fan 
>activity. Liana is best known as the co-host of 
>"Ed's Night Party", a long-running late-night 
>television talk show which aired in Canada on 
>CITY-TV and its affiliated channels. Liana 
>previously acted as MC of the Prix Aurora Awards 
>at Keycon 25, the 2008 Canvention in Winnipeg, 
>Manitoba, and was the co-host of the inaugural 
>Constellation Awards, at Polaris 21 in Toronto, 
>We are also in discussions about presenting the 
>Prix Boréal (for French-Canadian SF/fantasy), 
>and the two juried prizes known as the Jacques 
>Brossard (for adult SF in French) and the Prix 
>Jeunesse des Univers Parallèles (for children's 
>SF in French). Further information will be 
>posted to the website when it becomes available.
>And finally, we have put together a Request For 
>Proposals for dances. Are you a rocking DJ who 
>knows how to get the floor moving? Do you have 
>your finger on the pulse of the fannish dance 
>groove? Then submit a bid and tell us about 
>yourself and your DJ experience, and you may get 
>your chance to move our feet! Email us at 
>events at anticipationsf.ca or see our website at 
>[URL here] for more information!
>Note that I've said [URL here] for info about 
>the dance RFP. Andrew gave me some feedback this 
>evening which I haven't yet looked at, but 
>assuming that there are no tweaks or only minor 
>tweaks required, I'll be sending it for 
>translation and then for upload immediately. 
>Hopefully we'll be able to have it up before the 
>PR is finished being edited; if not, just remove 
>the "at [URL here]" bit from that final 
>"Nature abhors a vacuum, which explains why 
>drama appears where communication is lacking."
>-- Alan Lutton

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