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FYI - this text done> Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 23:53:38 -0700> From: lance_sibley at yahoo.com> To: translation at anticipationsf.ca; howard.picaizen at gmail.com> CC: guru at vex.net> Subject: [Translation] Fw: Re: Anticipation - Dance RFP> > Hi there,> > Here's the Request for Proposals for dances - this should be put up on the website as soon as the translation is available, as information is going out in PR3 indicating that interested people should check the site.> > Thanks!> > ===================================================================> Dances> ------> > Want to be a DJ at Anticipation? You've found the right place!> > We are looking for bids from DJs interested in hosting our dances. Are you a rocking DJ who knows how to get the floor moving? Do you have your finger on the pulse of the fannish dance groove? Then submit a bid and tell us about yourself and your DJ experience, and you may get your chance to move our feet!> > Notes to potential DJs:> > 1) We are currently hoping to have more than one dance, in addition to the usual Regency Ball. Please indicate what night(s) you would like to DJ. Remember that the Masquerade will be taking place on Saturday, August 8, and the Hugo Awards will be taking place on Sunday, August 9. Any dances on those nights may be scheduled to start following those events.> > 2) We do have an Events Tech team which may be able to assist you in sourcing equipment if you do not have your own or prefer to use what's in place. Our tech team is a professional crew that will be bringing in a significant amount of high end lighting and sound equipment. If you use your own equipment, we'll need to know your power requirements, as we use our own electrical drop for all of the tech equipment we use. Contact us if you need clarification on this.> > 3) In order to judge your bid against other bidders, your bid should include info on the following:> > - Do you have any experience with convention/fandom dances?> - What type of music do you focus on?> - Do you have any SF-related music? An example of this would be dance mixes to, for example, the theme to Star Trek or The X Files.> - Do you do any competitions (e.g. "best slow dancing couple", "silliest dancer", etc.)?> - What are your equipment needs? Will you use our equipment, your own, or a combination?> - What is your request policy? Can you accept requests by email in advance?> - Do you do any "extras", such as video, bubbles, etc? (We would request that you not use a fog or smoke machine for the comfort of Anticipation's members.)> - What would you ask for as payment for your services?> - When will you require payment? What payment methods do you accept? (Cash? Cheques? Credit cards? Quatloos? Cases of beer?)> > Bids or questions about the bid can be sent to events at anticipationsf.ca. Bids must be received no later than April 30, 2009, and the winners will > be announced in early May.> ===================================================================> > Lance> > "Nature abhors a vacuum, which explains why drama appears where communication is lacking."> -- Alan Lutton> > > > _______________________________________________> Translation mailing list> Translation at anticipationsf.ca> http://anticipationsf.ca/mailman/listinfo/translation_anticipationsf.caUse Windows Live Messenger to send messages to your buddies on their mobile phones Find out more on our PC to Mobile website

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