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Hello Eugene,

My name is Alison Wall.  I have a degree in translation and a law degree
done half in English and half in French.  I've been working as a regulatory
drafter for the past five years.  I am an anglophone, but it sounds as if
there is enough work that all hands can be useful.

In case there is ever stuff in other languages that should be looked at, I
also speak German, Danish and Norwegian, although I have no translation
experience in those languages.

Your proposal for organization of work sounds good to me.


On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 12:11 AM, Eugene Heller <eugeneheller at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hi, everyone,
> This is Eugene Heller.  I am the head of the Member Services division for
> Anticipation and it seems that translation is to fall into my bailiwick.
>  Rene Walling asked me to look over the organization of translation for the
> convention.  I'll be involved in getting a lot of texts translated because
> Progress Reports and Souvenir Book are part of this division.  I don't want
> to just take over.  I'd rather have translation services be organized in a
> way that suits you who are already doing it.
> Saskia and I had a bit of good discussion at Con*cept but I'm not sure that
> I understand how many people have volunteered to do translation.  I'd like
> it if all of you who are subscribed to this list introduced yourselves and
> said a bit about your translation experience and your expectations about how
> it ought to be organized.  I know that I've seen Sylvain's (St-Pierre) name
> associated with some work for the progress reports but I have very little
> idea of who else is available.  I apologize if all this has been done
> before.  If it has, please just forward me the appropriate messages or point
> me at a list archive (if one exists).
> I can do very small bits of translation from English to French (badly).  I
> do a couple of paragraphs at work from time to time and get few complaints.
>  I'm pretty good at proof-reading other people's results.
> I'm hoping to have a group of dedicated proof-readers, both for French and
> English.  I already have one volunteer.   I think that, in general, it would
> be better if the proof-readers were not the same people as the translators
> so that the translators do not get overloaded.  If you know of anyone who
> might like to volunteer as a proof-reader, please let me know.
> Here is an example of a system that I've seen to work.  This system
> requires that one person is chosen to be the head of the team (if any of you
> are interested in volunteering to be the head, please say so).
> - Items are e-mailed privately to the head
> - Head negotiates:
>    * time-line for each item and for the group of items as a whole (in case
> of conflict, in what order do the requesters want the items?)
>    * format
>    * background info (similar texts, key terms, etc)
> - Head is in charge of giving out assignments
> - First is there a particular translator wanted for the job (usually only
> for particular experience)
> - Head asks for volunteers
> - Head assigns the item, including time-frame
> - Head scribe reminds (nags) as necessary
> - Completed item can go either to head or directly to requester
> - Notice of completion goes to head
> ( major difference here is that each item also needs proofreading both
> before assignment to translators and after it is received back from the
> translators)
> I know that I'm new here but I'd like to hear from all of you.  Let's start
> a discussion because I don't know much about this.  Thank you all for the
> work that you've done, so far.
> With hope for the future,
> Eugene
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