[Translation] Track description translation

Howard Picaizen howard.picaizen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 20:46:31 PST 2008

Hi guys,

We would need the french version of the following description for the Light
Entertainment track:

In other tracks, digressions are the exception.  In this track, they're the
whole point.  The Light Entertainment track is for stuff that doesn't quite
fit any of the other tracks: "Just a Minute" quizzes, English-French
translation games, improvisational plays, tips on growing sf- or
fantasy-themed gardens, maybe even (dare we say it?) a north-of-the-border
Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition.  If you have a wild talent, an
out-of-left-field idea, or an itch that no sane programming category can
scratch, we want to hear about it.  Join us!  As any Ray Bradbury fan knows,
the most memorable part of any carnival is the sideshow.


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