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>> From: manager at rockyhigh66.org> To: 
>> translation at anticipationsf.ca> 
>> Hi everyone, I'm starting to gin up the Programme participant 
>> biographies for the web site and also for the Souvenir booklet.
>> I need to know - does everyone have a username and password for 
>> editing on the web site? If not, let me know.
>> Thanks, Mike 

> Hello Mike
> I have a password for consulting the staff website, but not for any editing.
> Eugene Heller told me that one translator doesn't seem to be on the 
> translation mailing list (Alison Wall?). Do you know who can fix the 
> problem? 
> Saskia

Hi Saskia, everybody,

I will ask Howard to put the whole translation staff on the edit permission
list.  I have placed some of the biographies we need to translate on the
following pages -


With editing privileges, you can open a page and type the translation right
under the biography, then later I can pull the bio and translation off the
page and make up that participant's bio page, and send the info over to the
Souvenir book editor.  We have beaucoup de biographies, and if we knock them
off a few at a time, it shouldn't be too bad.

After we have everyone on the editing list, it will work like this -

Log in (then the bio page links appear in the left sidebar).
Go to a bio page and click the 'Edit' button (the edit window opens).
Type in some translations right under each bio.
Click the 'Publish' button.

I'll get back with you all after we get things set up.


humble web minion

from  manager at rockyhigh66.org  Mike McMillan

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