[Translation] Translating Programme Participant biographies

Mike McMillan manager at rockyhigh66.org
Wed Oct 29 01:23:17 PDT 2008

> Hello Mike
> Can you point to me where the translated biographies are moved to? A 
> lot of terms are repeated, and it would be great if I could refer to 
> the previous bios for consistency.
> Thanks,
> Saskia

Hi Saskia,

The biographies link off the master Programme Participant page -


You click the image, and the bio comes up in a separate window.  Most bios are
just shells so far.  These pages are not part of the PmWiki site, and aren't
editable by anyone.  

There aren't any links to them, so you might want to bookmark the master page
address in your Favorites.

The Programme Participants page is not live yet;  I'm guessing it goes up in
January around the time I have to have the Hotel Map page ready.  Busy me.

I'm trying to do the French to English bios myself (what hubris), so I'd
appreciate comments on any glaring goof ups.  As you can see, I'm digging up
photos and personal web sites and other info that didn't come with the bios,
so it's quite a project.


humble web minion

from  manager at rockyhigh66.org  Mike McMillan

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