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Hi Terry,

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> Hi all
> We need the following text translated as soon as possible.
> I have attached the original word document and the plain text follows.
> Thanks
> Terry Fong
> Programming and Events, Anticipation 2009
> ================ text ==================
> The World Science Fiction Society invites papers for the academic   
> track of the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon):   
> Anticipation. This year’s Worldcon will be held at the Palais des   
> congrès de Montréal in Montréal, Québec (Canada) from Thursday 6   
> August through Monday 10 August, 2009.
> Science fiction has its roots in as much the anticipations of H. G.   
> Wells’s scientific romances as Jules Verne’s voyages   
> extraordinaires.  Anticipation is also a commonly used French term   
> for Science Fiction literature and has bilingual echoes. In honour   
> of our location in the world’s second-largest French-speaking city,   
> the suggested theme for this year is “Anticipations in Science   
> Fiction.”
> The academic track welcomes fifteen-minute papers, in either French or
> English, on this theme and any other topic related to science fiction.
> We are especially interested in works on our guests of honour,
> including:
> Guest of Honor: Neil Gaiman, Award-winning author of Anansi Boys,
> American Gods, Stardust, and 1602.
> Invitée d’honneur: Elisabeth Vonarburg, Award-winner author of Reine  
>  de Mémoire,  La Maison d’Oubli , Le Dragon de Feu, Le Dragon Fou,  
> La  Princesse de Vengeance, and La Maison d’Équité, Vraies Histoires  
>  fausses, and La Silence de la Cité.
> Editor Guest of Honour: David Hartwell, Hugo Award-winner, editor and
> co-editor of numerous anthologies, and Tor Senior Editor.
> Please send a 300 word abstract (including any audio-visual
> requirements) as a Rich Text Format file attachment to both Academic
> Track Division Heads by the deadline of January 15, 2009:
> Christine Mains: cemains at shaw.ca
> Graham J. Murphy: grahammurphy at trentu.ca

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