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Sat Sep 27 04:59:00 PDT 2008

Hello René

These days and for at least the next month, my daytime work is very intense. It's currently difficult for me to check and follow up on my email more than twice a week.
But from the moment I _do_ see there's a text to translate, I usually need one day/evening per 250-350 words. 
If the text is long (more than can be done in one evening), I will wait until the weekend before starting on it. 
If the language is specialized (for example business/chart jargon), I need more time. Speed depends entirely on the amount of research needed. 
I can open .doc, .rtf and .txt files. I cannot open or work with other formats.

Sylvain and Jules-Pierre may have different methods, depending on their tools & schedules.


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> Hi,
> In light of the small problem we had recently with that Wordperfect 
> file, it might be a good idea for the translation team to put down 
> what file formats it accepts and what kind of delays people should 
> expect when getting translation done and otehr similar info onto the 
> staff website. There's even a handy section in it for communications 
> where this info would be really useful.
> Thanks!
> Rene
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