[Translation] Translation staff requirements

René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 05:01:05 PDT 2008


If you can all discuss these things between 
yourselves and post the final info on the staff 
website too, that would be ideal.



At 6:31 PM -0400 9/28/08, sylvst at total.net wrote:
>My modus operandi is pretty much the same as 
>Saskia's.  I try to translate short texts as 
>soon as I am aware of them - which is usually 
>quite early, as I read my e-mails at work during 
>my break-time.
>Longer and more difficult texts, like the Constitution, take more time.
>It is important NOT to wait until the very last 
>minute to submit a text to be translated.
>I would suggest that we build a standard 
>dictionary of common fannish terms, which are 
>often tricky to render into French.
>I can open a number of different formats, but 
>that Word Perfect one stumped me.
>Sylvain St-Pierre
>Quoting S L <waterdelph at hotmail.com>:
>>Hello René
>>These days and for at least the next month, my daytime work is very  
>>intense. It's currently difficult for me to check and follow up on  
>>my email more than twice a week.
>>But from the moment I _do_ see there's a text to translate, I  
>>usually need one day/evening per 250-350 words.
>>If the text is long (more than can be done in one evening), I will  
>>wait until the weekend before starting on it.
>>If the language is specialized (for example business/chart jargon),  
>>I need more time. Speed depends entirely on the amount of research  
>>I can open .doc, .rtf and .txt files. I cannot open or work with  
>>other formats.
>>Sylvain and Jules-Pierre may have different methods, depending on  
>>their tools & schedules.
>>>Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 20:41:29 -0400
>>>To: translation at anticipationsf.ca
>>>From: cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
>>>Subject: [Translation] Translation staff requirements
>>>In light of the small problem we had recently with that Wordperfect
>>>file, it might be a good idea for the translation team to put down
>>>what file formats it accepts and what kind of delays people should
>>>expect when getting translation done and otehr similar info onto the
>>>staff website. There's even a handy section in it for communications
>>>where this info would be really useful.
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