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Nous aurions besoin de ce texte le plus rapidement possible.



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>Hi Rene,
>Happy Holidays!
>Here's the text from Scalzi's release.   Can you do me a huge favor 
>and translate it? :-)
>The 2009 Hugo Voter Packet
>Dear Anticipation Member:
>Thanks for downloading this year's Hugo Voter Packet. The purpose of 
>the Voter Packet is simple: We want you to vote for the Hugo and 
>Campbell Awards this year, and we want you to be able to see and 
>read as much of the Hugo-nominated work as possible, so you can make 
>an informed vote on what is best of the year. Please remember to 
>The electronic versions of the work you see here are available to 
>you through the efforts of the authors and artists who have been 
>nominated, and we are grateful for their participation and 
>willingness to share with Anticipation members. Please support these 
>creators! Their work is available in bookstores and online. Thanks 
>are also due to these authors' publishers, who have graciously 
>allowed these works to be present in these packages.
>The works in this package are presented without Digital Rights 
>Management because the authors and publishers trust that you will 
>use this Hugo Voters Packet as it was intended -- for yourself, to 
>aid you in your voting for the Hugos and Campbells. Please do not 
>share this Packet with others outside of your household. Your 
>willingness to do this makes a difference in convincing authors and 
>publishers to participate in this packet, both now and in the 
>future. Thank you.
>The works in this Package are presented in a number of different 
>formats, but primarily in Word Document Format (.doc), Rich Text 
>Format (.rtf) and Adobe Reader Format (.pdf). Each format opens with 
>software freely available on the Web, and which you likely already 
>have on your computer. However, if you do not, here is where you can 
>find the programs to open these documents:
>For .doc and .rtf formatted files: OpenOffice is a free suite of 
>programs that will open these formats and many others: 
>For .pdf formatted files: Adobe reader is also available as a free 
>download: http://get.adobe.com/reader/
>Additionally, some work is presented as Web pages (.html format). 
>Your favorite Web browser will be able to open these pages. Some of 
>these pages have additional picture files that go with the Web page; 
>they have been included in the package. These pages will be viewed 
>most accurately from within the Package as it is.
>Happy reading, and we look forward to seeing you at Anticipation!
>The Happy, Shiny 2009 Hugo Voter Packet Elves

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