[Translation] Coordination of translation requests

Alison Wall alison.wall at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 10:21:34 PDT 2009

Hey there, fellow translators!

There has been quite a bit of work coming to the list lately, and as August
approaches, we are going to have a bunch more. A few of us were at the staff
meeting on the weekend, and got to talk about how to organize things, and
make sure that work isn’t sitting unclaimed on the list.

I have volunteered to act as a coordinator for the translation work. New
work will be sent to translation-coord at anticipationsf.ca. I’ll be updating
the staff site instructions and sending a message to the staff list to
reflect this. I’ll send translation requests to individual translators. If I
send you something and you aren’t willing or able to do the work, please let
me know as soon as possible, and I’ll send it to a different member of the
translation team.

To help me make reasonable assumptions about who can do what when, I’d
really appreciate it if everyone could post to the list about their
availability and how much translation they are able to take on. If you have
comments, suggestions, complaints, etc., please also post those. I`d like to
hear from everyone.

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