[Translation] Translation request for Claire

Alison Wall alison.wall at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 09:36:51 PDT 2009

Hi Claire,

Could you please translate this small bit of the restaurant guide.  We
would need this by Tuesday night.


Shambala Tibetan

3439 rue St-Denis, (514) 842-2242 $10-15

Open Mon–Wed noon–10pm, Thu–Fri noon–11pm, weekends

5pm–11pm. Booking not essential, but might be an idea with a big

group, as there are only a few big tables.

>From the Palais, take the metro direction Montmorency to Sherbrooke,

get off onto St. Denis and walk downhill, it’s very near.

The décor is traditional Plateau French Victorian—ornate wood,

overlaid with Tibetan drapes and chimes and pictures, which makes

it seem somehow as if the Tibetans had colonized France, or perhaps

the other way around. There are a lot of kinds of delicious dumplings,

halfway between a won-ton and a pierogi, awesome soups, and

more Indian-style vegetables with rice. Lots of vegetarian choice,

some meat as well. The breads are great. You will, of course, order

butter tea whatever I say, because you’ve read about it all your life.

One between you will do!

Troika Russian

2171 rue Crescent, (514) 849-9333 $40-60

Open 5pm–11pm. Booking a good idea but not essential.

>From the Palais: Walk or take 55 bus up St Laurent to St Laurent

metro, go on green line direction Angrignon to Peel, come out onto

Stanley, walk along Maissoneuve west to Crescent.

The style here is definitely Tsarist Russia, and with a whole pile of

vodka and caviar choices, you can definitely get decadent enough to

encourage the peasants to rise up and overthrow you. All the food is

very good, especially the pelimeni (dumplings) and borsht (soup) but

I recommend the wild boar with foie gras for pure melt-in-the-mouth

delicious. The desserts are great too. I tend to think of this as a

winter treat destination, but it is sufficiently air conditioned to make

you feel as if it’s cold outside.

Le Georgia Georgian

5112 boulevard Décarie, (514) 482-1881 $25-40

Open weekdays noon–10pm, weekends 2pm–midnight.

>From the Palais: take the metro direction Côte Vertu to Snowdon,

walk west down Côte St Mary to Décarie, and then turn north.

Georgian food is like Russian only spicier, closer to Hungarian. There

are an interesting variety of dumplings and goulashes.

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