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Sat Feb 7 15:53:55 PST 2009

I have started working on the bios.  I think I will have finished Page  
6 tomorrow.

Sylvain St-Pierre

Quoting René Walling <cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> There are about 106 biographies currently left to translate. More will
> be coming soon (programming has had well over 300 people sign up to be
> panelists)
> In addition to this, we will have the following publications to translate:
> Progress Report 4: We expect this will be another 64 page PR. Deadline
> for texts is February 28th, deadline for translations is March 15th.
> Note that the programming team has requested an extension of two weeks
> to submit their content which they exp[ect to run at about 3000 words/
> Souvenir Book: Paul Selkirk, the editor has started working on content,
> expect him to start sending you text to trasnlate soon. We are
> currently budgeting this to be about 300 pages. The good news is that
> hopefully a quarter of this are ads and some text (the WSFS
> Consitution, standing rules, and a few other things are already
> trasnlated) If someone wants to get a head start, they can work on
> translating the long list of Worldcons and the list of past Hugo
> winners right away, contact Paul at paul at psgd.org for the text. Text
> for the Canventions and the Aurora awards probably doesn't need
> translation, but it wouldn't hurt to check.
> Other publications that will need translating:
> Restaurant and services guide: I don't know exactly how long this will
> be, Jo Walton is the editor.
> Pocket programme: this is edited by Jannie Shea. The good news is that
> most of it doesn't require translation (I believe the plan is to list
> English panels in English, French panels in French and bilingual items
> in both languages.
> The Masquerade and Hugo Awards ceremonies usually have a small
> programme booket. this too will eventually need translating.
> Onsite Newsletter: The newsletter team will hopefully include
> francophones who can take care of translations onsite, AFAIK, we are
> still looking for people.
> Looking at the above list, I think it's obvious that the more we do
> ahead of time, the better off we will be.
> Lastly, I'd like to point out that Claire Beaumier has joined the
> translation team and we're still looking for more people to help since
> we have a lot of work ahead of us.
> Thanks everyone!
> Rene
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