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Hello MikePlease find attached the translation for the travel & customs info.Saskia

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> Hi,
> Need the following, please -
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> Travel & Immigration Info:
> Citizens or permanent residents of the United States can usually cross the
> border without difficulty or delay. However, both Canada and U.S. Immigration
> required certain types of identification. For native-born Americans and/or
> U.S. citizens, Canadian Immigration requires either a passport or a birth
> certificate, supported by photo I.D. For return entry, U.S. Immigration
> officials also suggest that you have one of these items with you, in addition
> to your normal identification. A permament resident who is not a citizen is
> required to possess a 1551 or 1151 form (The Green Card) by both U.S. and
> Canadian Immigration.
> Citizens or permanent residents of other countries must have a valid passport
> and/or a valid visitor visa and should contact their local Canadian
> Embassy/Consulate or High Commission Office for further qualification.
> If you require more information, please feel free to contact your local
> Canadian Embassy or Consulate office, or visit the following web-site:  
> http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/pub/rc4161-eng.html#P002  
> Turner Customs & Logistics Group Inc.  will  provide the following service to
> each dealer who chooses to avail themselves of this valuable service.
> 1 - Contact exhibitors via email to determine their customs and shipping needs
> and assist with paperwork as required. Follow up by telephone as required.
> 2 - Pre-show service:
> Receive and review all incoming documentation to ensure documents are accurate
> and complete.
> Process temporary import bonds and consumption entries with Canada Customs
> Receive truck shipments and divert to advance Customs-bonded warehouse.
> Transfer airfrieght (via local cartage service) to advance warehouse
> Process documents on an on-going basis
> Trace Freight
> Maintain on-hand manifest, which will be provided to Show Management on a
> weekly basis of 3 weeks  prior to event, and everyday 3 days prior to event.
> 3 - ON-SITE
> A-  Move-in:
> Trace last-minute freight
> Deliver all shipments to the loading dock where official drayage company
> (assigned by show management) will deliver goods to assigned booths.
> Receive scheduled shipments from Van lines at loading dock
> Receive private vehicles at loading dock
> 4 - B-  Showtime:
> Process all remaining inbound documents.
> Interview exhibitors to reconfirm instructions for return or disposal of
> exhibit material at end of the event.
> Process all export documentation and schedule carriers for pick-up
> 5 - C-  Move-out:
> Identify outbound freight, confirming piece-count, labeling and destination,
> working with Official Drayage Company.
> Ensure trucks are checking into marshalling yard or waiting at loading dock.
> Verify that drivers are in possession of all appropriate documents and
> instructions prior to departure from site
> FAQ shipping Goods to/from Canada
> The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed
> by U.S. based exhibiters about participating in a convention or trade show
> held in Canada, attended by predominantly non-Canadians. 
> How do I arrange to get my goods and materials into Canada and home again?
> TCLG provides full logistics services that include performing customs
> clearance procedures, posting of required deposits and the coordination of the
> delivery of your goods to/from Canada.
> What forms are required for Canada customs?
> You will be required to complete a Canada Customs invoice detailing the goods
> that are being shipped to Canada. Other forms may be required depending on the
> nature of the exhibit material and the requirements of US Customs for the
> return shipment.
> When should I send my goods?
> Freight should be in your city 48hrs in advance of your move in.
> Where should I send my goods?
> Depending on the size of the event and the number of US shipments your freight
> will either go directly to the show site or will go to TCLG's advanced warehouse.
> Do I require the services of a customs broker?
> Yes, all goods and materials coming into Canada must be cleared through Canada
> Customs.
> Can I use my courier company?
> Some courier companies can provide brokerage services, however it is critical
> that you ensure your courier services can clear the full value of  your goods.
> If they are not able to clear your shipment it will be held by Canada Customs
> until a broker is appointed. This could cause a delay in you receiving your
> goods at the show site, as the goods will be held at the point of entry into
> Canada. You will then be charged by the brokerage firm to deliver your goods
> to the show site. Additionally, your courier company may not be able to issue
> Temporary Import Bond and therefore have to charge you duty and taxes on the
> value of your goods even through your goods will be returning to the United
> States. Please contact our office to ensure that the courier you choose can
> provide you with the services that you require.
> How much will this cost?
> Brokerage fees are based on:
> - Value
> - Documents required
> - Services Provided 
> What duties and taxes are applied to my goods?
> Goods can be sold at a show on a duty and tax free basis provided
> 1) Goods are not sold to Canadian residents
>                       OR
> 2) Are not remaining in Canada
> If  foreign attendance is 75% non-Canadian residences then give-away goods
> valued under $25.00 CND per item are duty and tax exempt.
> Denise J. Turner
> President
> Turner Customs & Logistics Group Inc.
> 9 rue Ste Marie
> St. Constant Quebec
> J5A 1C3
> 450-638-2662 phone
> 450-638-2873 fax 
> -------------------------------
> Wordpad, which I use to read doc files, got a little confused with some of the
> accented characters last time.  In addition to attaching the translation,
> could you please cut and paste a copy into the email text?  That gives me a
> backup for the accented characters.
> Merci,
> Mike
> humble web minion
> from  manager at rockyhigh66.org  Mike McMillan

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