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Academic Track
   The Academic Track at Anticipation 2009 is an 
academic conference in the midst of the larger 
Worldcon gathering, a place for presenting 
academic work to a larger audience.  Academic 
sessions, including two sessions devoted to 
French-language scholarship, will feature papers 
on theorizing science fiction and fantasy, on the 
beginnings of sf in earlier centuries, on 
anticipations of the future of the field, and on 
literature, film, graphic novels, and gaming. The 
papers will cover a range of texts and authors, 
including (but not limited to) H. G. Wells, 
Philip K. Dick, Sherri S. Tepper, Nalo Hopkinson, 
Greg Egan, Alan Moore, Geoff Ryman, War of the 
Worlds, Blade Runner, The Lawnmower Man, Fallout 
3, Torchwood, etc. The Academic Track is 
particularly honoured to announce that John 
Robert Colombo, editor of Other Canadas (1979), 
the first-ever anthology of Canadian science 
fiction, will be the Keynote Speaker. Other 
sessions on Canadian science fiction and fantasy 
will follow, as will papers on Guests of Honour 
Neil Gaiman and Elisabeth Vonarburg.  Among the 
many scholars contributing to the Academic Track 
are Neil Easterbrook, Rob Latham, Veronica 
Hollinger, Joan Gordon, Sherryl Vint, Amy Ransom, 
and Jeri Zulli.


Every day Anticipation will start off with 
a leisurely morning Stroll leaving from the 
Palais des Congres.  Each Stroll will be led 
by some of our favorite Authors, Artists, Editors 
or Scientists, who will not only lead the Stroll 
but will interact with the other 
participants.  And let's be clear, it's a stroll 
(not a heart-pounding aerobic exercise), so 
hopefully everyone who wants to can participate. 
This will get our day started on an upbeat note. 
Please check our Blogs just before the Con for 
all final details.


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