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I'm re-doing the Travel pages.  Please translate -


Getting to Montréal -
Montréal is on an island in the Saint Lawrence river, close to the Canada/U.S.
border.  With a metropolitan population of 3,360,000, it is the largest city
in the Province of Québec, and the second largest city in Canada.

You will need a passport -
All international travellers (including U.S. citizens) should carry a passport
when visiting Canada.  Canada also requires visitors from some countries to
obtain a visa.  The U.S. will require passports for U.S. departure and
re-entry.  We recommend American attendees apply for a passport now rather
than wait until the last minute.

Driving -
You can get driving distances and directions from Google maps or Mapquest. 
Mapquest’s ‘State’ code for Québec is QC.

Rail -
Anticipation has designated VIA Rail Canada (serving British Columbia,
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, and Nova
Scotia) as its official railway service provider. 

Click for Montréal Forecast

Also, the Amtrak ‘Adirondack’ service runs daily between NY city and Montréal.
 The arrival station is at the Hilton Bonaventure, one of our Worldcon hotels.

Flying -
Many airlines serve Montréal-Trudeau International Airport, YUL.  The links
will take you to the airline web sites.  

Airlines page - 
The airport web site will tell you what to expect when you arrive.  YUL
Airport link

Getting from Airport to Hotel -
So you’ve claimed your bags and made it through Customs.  How do you get to
Local transportation

What can you do in Montréal?
Aside from the Worldcon, that is.  There are lots of places to discover in
Montréal, and we have a whole page of things to see and do and dine.

Canada Sightseeing Tours -
Montréal is a great city, but there’s more to Canada.  There are 9 to 14 day
sightseeing tours of Canada planned in conjunction with the Worldcon.  These
are not officially part of Anticipation, but your tour-mates will be
Anticipation members, and the tour guides are long-time SF&F fans.  
Canada Tours.



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