[Translation] Anticipation website: registration page

Rebecca Downey ketherian at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 19:52:48 PST 2009

S L wrote:
> Hello Rebecca

> Has someone translated this yet?
Bits seem to have been translated, but the changes were few and 
integrated into the original document.

> If not: Rebecca, could you please send the text to be translated in an 
> attachment so we know exactly what needs to be translated? 
> Saskia

The changed text is listed below.
!!!! denotes a title.
''' denotes bold text.

--- Text to be translated follows: ---

!!!!Mailing your registration

'''Do not send cash in the mail.'''

!!!!Emailing your registration
You can use an interactive PDF of our membership form in Letter format.
If emailing the form, please send it to registration at anticipationsf.ca

'''Do not send credit card information by email.'''


You can also contact us by email. We will try to answer your missive 

!!!!Payment in Euros, Australian dollars, or Yen

!!!!Payment plan

--- End ---

- Reb

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