[Translation] Translation Request for Brigitte

Alison Wall alison.wall at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 10:02:39 PDT 2009

Hi Brigitte,

I realize that you may have to say no, but if you have time, here is a
short text for translation that would need to be done by the end of
the week.


International Awards Spotlight - Putting The "World" Back In "Worldcon"!

While the Hugos are the centrepiece of the Worldcon, and the Auroras of
Canvention, there are many other awards given the world over for science
fiction literature and media. Here are just a few:

Aurealis, Chandler, Ditmar (Australia)
Constellations, Prix Jacques-Brossard, Sunburst (Canada)
Galaxy (China)
Atorox (Finland)
Prix Imaginaire (France)
Lasswitz, Fantastik (Germany)
Aeon (Ireland)
Geffen (Israel)
Italia, Urania (Italy)
Seiun, Hayakawa Award, Nihon SF Taisho Award (Japan)
Paul Harland Prize (the Netherlands)
Sir Julius Vogel (New Zealand)
Zajdel Award, Nautilus Award (Poland)
Aelita Prize (Russia)
Ignotus, UPC (Spain)
BSFA, Arthur C. Clarke, British Fantasy Society (United Kingdom)
Endeavour, SESFA (United States)

We've invited some of these international award committees, who will be
at Anticipation, to participate in a special event to spotlight their
awards on Friday afternoon. Come and find out who is being recognized
for their work in the SF field in other parts of the world - maybe
you'll discover a new work you've never heard of before!

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