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Here is my translation, though Eugene's is quite readable.


At 10:55 PM 7/14/2009, Alison Wall wrote:
>Hi Sylvain,
>Could you please translate the following text.  This is intened to go
>up on the website.
>Child care is now open.  KiddieCorp will be providing the services.
>The cost will be US$9.00 per child per hour for hours that you buy
>before 22 July, 2009 at 5:00pm PST and US$12.00 per child per hour for
>hours that you buy after that.  Advance registration will be in US
>dollars only.  KiddieCorp has agreed to accept Canadian cash during
>the convention but all credit card payments will be processed in US
>Please use one of the following to sign up:
>KiddieCorp web registration: https://www.kiddiecorp.com/anticipationkids.htm
>KiddieCorp registration form in .pdf format
>Kiddiecorp’s registration materials are in English only.  We apologize
>for any inconvenience.
>Eugene had started translating, and hopes this isn't too horrible.
>Les services de garderie sont maintenant ouvert (à l’inscription?).
>La compagnie KiddieCorp est le pourvoyeur de services.  Les coûts de
>garderie seront de 9 dollars américiains par enfant pour chaque heure
>que vous achetez avant le 22 juillet à 17h00 heure normale du
>pacifique (HNP) ou 12
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