[Translation] Translation request for Claire

Alison Wall alison.wall at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 09:54:58 PDT 2009

Hi Claire,

Could you please translate the text below.  It is the first piece of
the accessibility reference document for the convention.  Since it is
still a draft, there are parts of it that have headings but no
information.  It is a really huge document though, so I thought we
should start working on it right away.


Accessibility Information for Worldcon Participants

Accessible Bathrooms

              Palais de Congress

Building Access at the Delta Hotel

Building Access at the Palais de Congress

Elevator Access at the Palais de Congress

Emergencies at the Palais de Congress

The building’s Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) is open 24 hours a
day.  In case of emergency (medical or otherwise), dial 555 on the
house phone and you will be connected with an agent.Palais Security is
responsible for calling 911 if necessary.

Fire alarms have both sound and sight (strobe lights) indicators.
Individuals using wheelchairs or scooters should congregate in the
following locations in case of emergency:

Emergency Medical clinics/offices in Montréal

Clinique d'urgence Ahuntsic

241 Fleury W.,

Montréal, Quebec, H3L 1V2

Phone: 514-382-0062

Clinique d'urgence St-Denis

8415 St-Denis St.,

Montréal, Quebec, H2P 2H1

Phone: 514-388-5723

Emergency Veterinary Services

Ambulance Veterinaire-Urgence 24

5855 Decarie Blvd.

Montréal, Quebec

Phone: 514-343-5015

Ambulantoire de Montreal

10407 Papineau Ave.,

Montréal, Quebec

Phone: 514-387-7748

Ambulatory and Veterinary Services of Cote-Des-Neiges Clinic For Dogs and Cats

4920 Cote-des-Neiges,

Montréal, Quebec

Phone: 514-737-6699

Event Coordinator at the Palais

To reach the event coordinator on duty call the following number.  If
using the house phone, dial only the last four digits.  514-871-5815.
The con facilities coordinator (Bruce Farr) can be reached by calling

FM Devices for Individuals with Hearing Impairments

The Palais provides an FM assistive listening system free of charge
for hearing impaired participants. All rooms and their subdivisions
have their own radio frequencies. A person wearing a headset just has
to tune in to the frequency indicated at the room entrance to follow
an event's proceedings. Note that audio reception and use of the house
system are necessary for FM broadcast.  Headsets may be picked up and
dropped of daily at XXXXXX.  The following rooms will be using the
house sound system and therefore available to FM users:

Food Service at the Palais de Congress

Les Jardins food court (level 7), has a variety of fast food
selections (deli, salad bar, pizza, and prepared dishes) There is an
adjacent outdoor terrace  open during the summer.
Various mobile food-service units may be available on the 2nd and 5th floor.
The Café Express in Viger Hall offers a wide range of premium coffees,
espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, etc.

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