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Alison Wall alison.wall at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 12:58:18 PDT 2009

Hi Jean,

Could you please translate the following text.  This is part of the
accessibility information for the convention.


Full service gas stations close to convention sites

St-Antoine E. & Bonsecours, Montréal, Quebec, H2Y 1A5
Phone: 514-849-8940
1 km east – 10 blocks (from the Palais)

St-Denis & Des Pins,

3750, rue St-Denis,

Montréal, Quebec, H2W 2M1
Phone: 514-844-3445
2.2 km north-east – 18 blocks (from the Palais)

Le Relais Papineau Inc.
Papineau & Ontario,

2010, Papineau,

Montréal, Quebec, H2K 4J4
Phone: 514-527-1523
2.8 km east-north-east – 25 blocks (from the Palais)

Petro Canada
Rue Guy & rue Notre-Dame O., 455, rue Guy,

Montréal, Quebec, H3J 1S9
Phone: 514-935-7615
2.0 km west – 11 blocks (from the Delta)

Large Print/Program Slides

A limited number of large print programme guides are available.
Please request these at registration.  Information can also be viewed
on the con web site.

Large print newsletters will be available at the Handicap
Accessibility Desk within an hour of regular press distribution.

Hard copy of the slide presentations for the Hugos, the Auroras and
the International Awards will be available at the Handicap Access desk
30 minutes prior to each event.  Envelopes for the Hugos must remain
sealed until the program begins.

Nuts and Fragrances

Those with severe nut allergies and/or sensitivity to fragrances may
need to know the following:

The Con Suite and Staff Lounge will be nut free zones.  HOWEVER, folks
who are not as familiar as you are with peanut allergies may not know
of the many products that contain peanuts so we ask you to exercise
caution when ingesting baked goods, fried foods or other products that
may contain nuts or might be produced in a facility where products
with nuts are processed.
No food will be sold by con participants in the dealers room.
The first floor of the Palais de Congress includes a number of food
vendors and shops.  Nuts and products containing nuts as well as
fragrances or products with strong ordors may be sold at these venues.
Most hotels will utilize fragrance free cleaning products in your
hotel room upon request.

Oxygen service suppliers in Montréal


8624 Pie-IX Blvd.,

Montréal, Quebec, H1Z 4G2

Phone: 514-728-3311

Rental and Repair of Orthapeadic Equipment

Maison André-Viger

6700 St. Denis Street, Montréal

514 274-7560,

toll free: 1 800 363-6703

 L’Institut de réadaptation de Montréal

6300 Darlington Avenue, Montréal

514 340-2085

treeves at ssss.gouv.qc.ca



5050 St. Laurent Boulevard, Montréal

514 276-3691


4051 St. Catherine Street West, Westmount

514 939-1702



The following restaurants near the Palais have self identified as
being accessible.  Worldcon 2009 makes this information available as a
courtesy, but has not verified this information.


Cafe Depot
Palais des Congres-Capital-Traiteur,

201, av. Viger O.,

Montréal, Quebec, H2Z 1X7
Phone: 514-871-3152
In the Palais


Restaurant Le Gourmet Grec
180 Prince Arthur St. E., Montréal, Quebec, H2X 1B7
Phone: 514-849-1335
1.5 km

Jardin Nelson
407 pl. Jacques-Cartier,

Montréal, Quebec, H2Y 3B1
Phone: 514-861-5733
0.8 km


Alouette - Maison du Bifteck
1170, rue Ste-Catherine O.,

Montréal, Quebec, H3B 1K1
Phone: 514-866-6244
1.8 km

La Bourgarde
900, rue de la Gauchetiere O., Ste. 10750, Montréal, Quebec, H5A 1E4
Phone: 514-878-2332
0.5 km

 La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse and Bar
1221 Rene Levesque W.,

Montréal, Quebec, H3G 1T1
Phone: 514-390-0090
1.5 km Palais, 0.9 Delta

Le Castillon
900, rue de la Gauchetere O., Ste. 10750, Montréal, Quebec, H5A 1E4
Phone: 514-878-2992
0.5 km

 Mister Steer
1198, rue Sainte-Catherine O.,

Montréal, Quebec, H3B 1K1
Phone: 514-866-3233
1.8 km

Le Parchemin
1333 Université,

Montréal, Quebec, H2A 2A4
Phone: 514-844-1619
0.7 km

Moishe's Steak House
3961 St.Laurent Blvd.,

Montréal, Quebec, H2W 1Y4
Phone: 514-845-3509
1.9 km

Les Continents
360, rue St-Antoine O.,

Montréal, Quebec, H2Y 3X4
Phone: 514-987-9900
Across the street from the Palais

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