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Hi Saskia,

We have one last largish document to deal with for the con.  Please
translate the attached document.  It is  part of the restaurant guide.
 We would need this translated for Saturday, August 1.

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Around the Delta 

Muffin Plus 
740 Notre Dame 
Muffins, wraps, panini 
Mon?Fri 6:30am?5pm, closed weekends. 
Pub Victoria 
698 Notre Dame 
British-style pub food 

Mon?Wed 10:30am?10pm, Thurs?Fri 10:30am?11pm, closed week

ends. Steak, pasta, burgers, sausages, fish&chips, draft beer, cider. 

This was incredibly busy on the weekday lunchtime we tried it, and 

became dead at about 2:00 as everyone went back to work. The food 

was indifferent. The décor was very much trying to evoke a British 

pub. The cider was good, but I wouldn?t go back. 

Le Muscadin Italian 

639 Notre Dame $40 

Dominos Pizza Pizza 

684 St-Jacques $5-10 

Chez Ming Vietnamese 

1015 Côte du Beaver Hall $10 

Chien Chaud Victoire Hot dogs 

Côte du Beaver Hall less than $10 

Vivere! Italian 

55 Gauchetière $20-30 

Between the Palais and the Delta 

Toqué Fancy French 

900 Place Riopelle, (514) 499-2084 $40-100 

Across the street from the southwest entrance to the Palais. 

Le Steak Frites Bistro 

405 St-Antoine, (514) 878-3553 $15-20 
Steak, duck confit, all you can eat fries in a pleasant bistro atmosphere 
and right by the convention centre. Not much vegetarian. It?s 
better (and cheaper) at lunch than dinner. They charge for all side 
dishes, and the steaks weren?t all cooked as they had been ordered. 

Via Vivoli Italian 

413 St-Jacques, (514) 284-5320 $10 

Salads and pasta to eat in or take away. They also have gelato. 

InterContinental food court Food court 
This is a large food court with a lot of seating and half a dozen fairly 
standard food-court options and a Leonidas Belgian chocolate shop. 
You can get a meal for around $10. Busy at lunchtime. 

Place Victoria Food court 
This is a huge food court with McDonalds, Oktoberfest, sushi, 
salads, etc. Busy on weekday lunchtimes, almost entirely closed on 




This is the oldest part of Montréal, immediately to south (as such 
things are figured locally) of the Palais. The oldest buildings date to 
the 1600?s, but it?s hardly a museum?offices, apartments, and lots and 
lots of restaurants keep it current. 

Rue St Jacques, from McGill to St Laurent 

Bio Train Diner 

410 St Jacques Less than $10 

Le Gourmet Presses Cafe bio, gourmet sandwiches 

406 St Jacques $10 

Le Clafouti Sandwiches, cafe 

402 St Jacques $10 

Ora French 

400 St Jacques $30 

Cafe Van Houte Chain cafe, sandwiches, wifi 

251 St Jacques $10 

La Brioche St Jacques Sandwiches, cafe 

236 St Jacques $10 

Eggspectation Breakfast, burgers 

201 St Jacques $15-20 
Standard big breakfasts with lots of fruit, burgers, salads, desserts, 
etc. It?s a chain that stretches at least as far as Ottawa. There?s 
nothing wrong with Eggspectation, it?s just not very exciting. Really 
convenient location though. 

Papillon Bleu Szechuan 

200 St Jacques $20 

Romagna Cafe Breakfast, sandwich, pizza, Italian 

60 St Jacques $15 


Rue Notre Dame, from McGill to St Laurent 

Sushi Shop Sushi 

430 Notre Dame $15 

Cafe 420 Sandwiches, cafe 

420 Notre Dame Less than $10 

Bistro Cafe Van Cafe, sandwiches 

401 Notre Dame Less than $10 
Boring, with pallid croissants, limp sandwiches and appalling choice 
of tea. Some places aren?t worth going to twice. Save yourself the 
trouble and don?t go once. 

Szechuan Chinese 

400 Notre Dame $20 

Cafe Depot Chain cafe, coffee sandwiches 

350 Notre Dame Less than $10 

Le Nantua Seafood 

275 Notre Dame $35 

Pasta a Piacere Italian 

260 Notre Dame $10-15 

Boring. Boring pasta, boring pizza, pleasant enough atmosphere but 

don?t bother. 

Cafe Momus Cafe, sandwiches, wifi 

243 Notre Dame $10 
This place is lovely. The sandwiches are unusual, freshly made and 
delicious, with a good range, some vegetarian. The cakes and cookies 
are home made and great. They have a great choice of teas (loose 
teas, served in a teaball in a big cup), coffees, and cold drinks. The 
atmosphere is relaxed. They have some comfy chairs and some table 
seating. They have counter service and can get a little harried at 
busy times. Recommended. 

Le Notre Dame Restaurant Breakfast, fast food 

237 Notre Dame Less than $10 
Though this looks like a total dump, appearances can be deceiving. 
This is a nice Greek restaurant with a good range of poutine and 
burgers etc, cheap and surprisingly cheerful. Recommended especially 
for people on a budget, and if you want to try Quebec?s signature 


Da Franco Italian 

233 Notre Dame $15-20 

Inside, this place is decorated like a Roman restaurant. The food is 

Italian with more range than just pasta. Everything we tried was 

good, and the straciatella soup outstanding. Better value for money 

at lunch than dinner. 
Cafe Aszu 
210 Notre Dame 
Fancy Canadian 
Cafe Saison Diner 
207 Notre Dame $10-15 

Breakfast until 11am, sandwiches, light lunches. Generally pleas

ant atmosphere and perfectly acceptable food, let down by abysmal 

service?very slow and entirely forgot our drinks. 

Tatami Sushi 

140 Notre Dame $25 

Eat fabulous artistic sushi atop fishtanks. Unusual maki pairings 

made with fresh ingredients and a light touch on flavorings. Light 

on the rice and heavy on the artistry. A beautiful meal well worth 

lingering over. The restaurant is not large, fewer than 10 tables for 4 

in the main room. Their menu is small, but interesting and focused 

more on maki than nigiri or sashimi. They have most of the tradi

tional nigiri/sashimi, but seem more focused on spicy variants (spicy 

tuna, spicy salmon, etc) than plain. 

Claude Postel Cafe, chocolatier, patisserie 

75 Notre Dame $15 

Disappointing and over-priced. 

Pizzedelic Chain pizza, breakfast on weekends 

39 Notre Dame $15 

La Sentence Resto-Bistro 

17 Notre Dame $20 

Baguette Deli 

13 Notre Dame Less than $10 

Palais de Justice food court Food court 

480 St Laurent, coin Notre Dame 

Starbucks (bet you?ve seen one), Arahova Souvlaki (souvlaki, $10) 

and Mon Plaisir Smoked Meat, fast food. $10. As food courts go, this 

looks like a pretty good one. Arahova make notably good tzatziki. 

Rue McGill, from St Antoine to St Paul 

Presse Cafe Chain cafe, sandwiches 
485 McGill $10 
Plaza McGill 
484 McGill 
Deli, pizza, diner, breakfast 

This place has plenty of room. They serve nice standard North American 
breakfasts. Their dinner menu is diner food, with some Greek 
options. The prices are extremely good value for most things. Great 
with kids, some vegetarian choices. I wouldn?t go out of my way for 
this, but if you?re on a budget this is pretty good, and definitely one of 
the better breakfast choices. Closed weekends. 

Boris Bistro Nouvelle cuisine 

465 McGill $30+ 

While it may call itself a bistro, this is in fact a trendy restaurant 
with some unusual food offerings, definitely tending to the small and 
beautifully laid out. There?s an outdoor terrasse as well as a large 
indoor area. There?s a great choice of wines, beers, and ciders. The 
cold soup was absolutely delicious. All the ingredients of everything 
were clearly carefully chosen and matched with each other. If you 
like your food in morsels and money is no object, this might make 
a good choice for one evening of the con. If you?re considering more 
expensive places because you want to have one splurge, this wouldn?t 
be my choice. 

Louigi Pasta, pizza, Italian diner, breakfast 

444 McGill $10-20 

McGill Hot Dog Fast food 

433 McGill Less than $10 

Restaurant Vallier Bistro, wifi 

425 McGill $15-30 

The menu specialises in unusual takes on familiar food?duck 

shepherd?s pie, lamb burger, etc. It?s all absolutely delicious. Fries 

are served in a metal cup to keep them warm. Great choice of very 

good salads, and other vegetarian options. Wonderful sounding des

serts. Excellent choice of tea, wine, beer, cocktails, and did I say tea? 

(Loose tea, served in a teapot with removable insert.) All this in a 

relaxed atmosphere with just the right degree of service, neither too 

attentive nor too slack. This is the kind of place that makes me glad 

I?ve got lots of friends to introduce it to. Highly recommended. 

Holder Nouvelle cuisine 
407 McGill $35 
Nomad Station Cafe, wifi 
407 McGill $15 
Rue St Pierre, from St Antoine to St Paul 

Titanic Sandwiches 

445 St Pierre $15 

Resto Bistro Vietnamese, diner: Pho, club sandwiches, etc 

425 St Pierre $10 

This place doesn?t seem to have a proper name. We suggest ?Huh?? 

Rue St François-Xavier, from St Antoine to St Paul 

Restaurant Bonaparte 
447 St François-Xavier 
$40+, Tasting menu $62 
Casa de Mateo Mexican 
440 St François-Xavier $30 
Luna d?Oro Cafe 
415 St François-Xavier $15 
Pastabilité Pasta 
214 St Sacrament, coin St François-Xavier $15 lunch, $20 evening 

Rue St Laurent, from Notre Dame to St Antoine 

McDonalds Fast food 

510 St Laurent Less than $10 

Via Bassano Italian cafe 

520 St Laurent Less than $10 

Mon Plaisir Deli, bistro, wifi 

530 St Laurent $10-15 

Pallid croissants, hot water with a teabag in the saucer, limp salads. 



Rue St Paul, from McGill to St Laurent 

Stew Stop 
362 St Paul 
Bio-organic, nouvelle cuisine 
Lots of vegetarian. 
Olive et Gourmando 
351 St Paul 
Sandwiches , croissants, pastries 

Awesome. This is a place for a snack rather than a meal, but what 

they do is absolutely wonderful. Closed Sunday?Monday. 

Marché de la Villette French deli bistro 

325 St Paul $15-20 

Overpriced tourist trap. 

Les Pyrenées Spanish 

320 St Paul $20-30 

Restaurant Gandhi Indian 

230 St Paul $30 

Van Winkle?s Cafe Sandwiches, cafe 

221 St Paul $15 

Stash Cafe Polish 

200 St Paul, (514) 845-6611 Lunch $15, dinner $30-40 
Booking a good idea. This place is wonderful. They have three prix-
fixe menus or you can choose à la carte. The prix-fixe menus come 
with borsht and sour cream, salad, and dessert. The duck is good, 
the wild boar is better, but get the Polish delicacies menu and try 
everything. This is an absolutely terrific restaurant that scores all 
round, great atmosphere, great food, impeccable service. We loved it. 
Do try it. 

Crêperie Chez Suzette Crepes, sandwiches, fondue

3 St Paul Est, coin St Laurent, (514) 874-1984 $10-20 



Chinatown is right outside the Place d?Armes end of the Palais. It?s a 
very good place to eat as long as you like Asian food. It isn?t all Chinese, 
there?s also a lot of Vietnamese, a little Japanese, Mongolian, 
Korean, and Uighyur. It tends to be very cheap?some lunches start at 
$3.25. The only problem with it is that there?s so much, and it?s so hard 
to tell the good places from the indifferent places. 

Rue St Urbain 

Noodle Factory Chinese noodles 

1018 St Urbain Less than $10 
Cash only. 11am?10pm. This place looks like a dump, but looks can 
be deceiving. The food is excellent, made pretty much in front of 
you. You can see them throwing the noodle dough around like pizza 
dough. It?s very cheap, it?s small and definitely not a place to linger, 
but everything we?ve tried has been lovely. Recommended, especially 
for a fast lunch. 

La Maison Kam Fung Chinese, dim sum 

1101 St Urbain, in the Chinese mall $10-15 
This is the best dim sum in town, but they tend to be very busy 
indeed if you go at lunchtime. They open at 8am, and before 10:00 
there are no carts, but you choose dim sum options from a menu. 
You can usually get seated right away even with a big group before 
about 10:30, 11:00 is okay, but later than that you always have to 
wait. They also have exceptionally good evening meals, from about 
5pm, especially for large groups, including good vegetarian options. 
Highly recommended. 


Rue Clark 

Lotte Furama Chinese, dim sum 

1115 Clark $10-20 

8am?11:30pm. This is the restaurant that former Prime Minister 

Jean Chretien prefers for dim sum. It?s very nice, but they tend to 

have more dumplings and not enough other things for my taste. 

New Dynasty Chinese 

1115 Clark $8-15 

Cantonese food, plenty of room for groups. Not very exciting but 

perfectly good. You are expected to fill in your own order with pencil 

and paper provided. 
Van Roy 
1095 Clark 
Less than $10 
Mon Nam Chinese 
1096 Clark Less than $10 

Another not terribly memorable Chinese restaurant, with a wide 
range of dishes. The prawn toast was too salty, but we enjoyed it otherwise. 
Not very adventurous, but with plenty of room. 

La Maison V.I.P. Chinese 

1081 Clark, (514) 861-1943 $10 

11:30am?4am. This is the standout brilliant restaurant that makes 
me glad I volunteered to write this guide. It looks identical to all 
the others, but it?s wonderful. The first page of the menu features 
ordinary North American Chinese food. Then it gets weird and 
wonderful. Order the odd things you?ve never heard of, you won?t be 
sorry. Also check out the specials on the blackboard. There?s a mixed 
?bo-bo platter? that comes with a mini iron stove and is great for 
sharing. They are not large and get very busy; lunchtimes and early 
evenings are usually safe without booking, but it?s a good idea if 
there are going to be a lot of you. This is a wonderful restaurant. 

Ming Do Dim sum, lunch, dinner 

1050 Clark $10-20 

They do a very good one- or two-person dim sum selection lunch, 
and have a pleasantly varied menu. If this restaurant were anywhere 
but across the street from Maison V.I.P., I?d be very happy with it. 

Ruby Rouge Dim sum, dinner 

1008 Clark $10-20 

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