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Hi Claire,

We have one last largish document to deal with for the con.  Please
translate the attached document.  It is  part of the restaurant guide.
 We would need this translated for Saturday, August 1.

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Boulevard St Laurent 

Pho Vietnam Vietnamese 
970 St Laurent $8-15 
Pho Bang New York 
1003 St Laurent 
Pho Cali Vietnamese 
1011 St Laurent $8-15 
Pho Bac Vietnamese 
1016 St Laurent $8-15 
Pho Saigon 
1053 St Laurent 

These five are essentially identical Vietnamese restaurants, all with 
pretty much the same menu. I like Pho Vietnam best, but they?re essentially 
interchangeable. They will all seat you at tables with other 
people when they?re busy. 

Restaurant Hot Pot Chinese hot pot 

1017 St Laurent $10-15 

Restaurant Hong Kong Chinese, dim sum, dinner 

1019 St Laurent $10-15 

Standard perfectly good Chinese food, all the expected dishes, no

thing exciting. Plenty of room for groups. 

Chez Bong Korean 

1021A St Laurent $10-15 

Chicken teriyaki, beef bulgogi, seafood pancakes?this place does 

Korean standards and does them well and cheaply. It?s down steps 

from the street. Recommended. 

Earth Village Chinese 

1051 St Laurent $8-15 

Cristal No 1 Vietnamese 

1068 St Laurent $8-15 

This is a terrific Vietnamese restaurant, serving different things from 
all the others, including lovely Mien soups as well as Pho. They get 
very full at lunchtime on weekdays, so try to get there early or late. 

Lieu O Vietnamese, karaoke 

1071 St Laurent $10-20 


My Canh Vietnamese 

1086 St Laurent $8-15 
This is the other standout Vietnamese restaurant. They have the 
freshest ingredients, best service, and largest menu. Whether you 
want Pho or something else, this is the best. We especially recommend 
saving room for the deep fried ice cream. If you can?t get in, 
roll a die for any of the others. 

Fung Shing Chinese 

1102 St Laurent $10-15 

Rue de la Gauchetière 

Sai Gwan Cantonese, Szechuan, Hong Kong 

14 Gauchetière Less than $10 

Patisserie Chow Chinese bakery 

16 Gauchetière $cheap

Not a restaurant, but a little place selling Chinese hot savoury buns 

and sweet cakes. Delicious and very good prices. 

Magic Idea Bubble tea, tea, Cantonese food 

30 Gauchetière less than $10 
This is often busy with young people drinking bubble tea and playing 
games, but they have good tea and lots of small portions of food on 
the menu, which can make it a good place to go to talk. 

Mongolian Hot Pot Mongolian 

50 Gauchetière $20 
The idea is that you have a bowl of soup and select your own ingredients 
to cook in the broth. This would be a good idea if the soup was 
nice. The ingredients were a lot of fun and some of them (quail eggs, 
udon) very good, but it seemed overpriced for what we were getting, 
as we didn?t enjoy the taste of the soup. Someone should try this concept 
with miso soup or a Chinese soup base. 

Maxim Chinese 

51 Gauchetière $10 

Jardin de Jade Chinese buffet 

67 Gauchetière $10-15 


M.M. Legende Chinese 
68 Gauchetière Less than $10 

This place sells buns and cakes to take away, and serves Cantonese 

food (and, for some reason, toast and club sandwiches) in the back. 

It?s very cheap and a bit more like being in someone?s living room 

than a real restaurant. 

Le Pavillion Nanpic Chinese 

75A Gauchetière $20 

This is an overpriced tourist trap with okay food and knives and 

forks on the table. You can do much better. 
Shaba Shabu 
75 Gauchetière 
Japanese fondue 
Patisserie Callia 
78 Gauchetière 
Chinese, bakery 

Another patisserie with a sit down restaurant in the back, specialising 
in congee, toast, and standard lunches. The buns seem identical 
to all the other places, but they have a bigger range of weird cheesecakes 
by the slice. 

Jardin du Nord Szechuan 

80 Gauchetière $15 

Basilic Viet-Thai 

83 Gauchetière $15 

Guang Zhau Cantonese, Szechuan 

84 Gauchetière $10-15 

Patisserie Harmonie Chinese bakery 

85 Gauchetière $cheap

Another patisserie selling buns and cakes, good value for money, and 
very nearby. 

Mon Shing Chinese 

90 Gauchetière less than $10 

Beijing Chinese 

92 Gauchetière, (514) 861-2003 $10-15 

Totally awesome. Their cheap lunches are amazing, their dinners are 
delightful, this is the best Chinese food in Chinatown. But book, because 
they?re always packed even when there isn?t a con. Don?t even 
try for a weekend evening. 


Worth Leaving the Palais Area 

Schwartz?s Deli 

3895 boulevard St-Laurent, (514) 842-4813 $10-15 
Open Sun?Thu 8am?12:30am, Fri 8am?1:30am, Sat 8am?2.30am. 
Hot meat after 10am. 
From the Palais: Take the 55 bus up St Laurent. Get off at Napoleon 
and walk down the block. 
Schwartz?s claims to be the oldest deli in Canada, and it?s certainly 
a Montréal tradition. In Schwartz?s you can eat ?smoked meat,? a 
kind of brisket made with special spices. It?s eaten hot, usually in 
sandwiches with rye bread. You can get it from a number of places, 
but the most famous and most authentic is Schwartz?s. It?s always 
full to bursting with a long line, often going out of the door and halfway 
down the block. Is it worth it? Lots of people think so. You can 
also get excellent salami, steak, chicken, pickles and fries. Line up at 

From the Palais: Take the metro direction Montmorency to Sher

the right for takeout, and at the left to be seated. 
Au Pied de Cochon Meat 
536 avenue Duluth Est, (514) 821-1114 
Open 5pm?midnight, closed Mondays. Booking essential.

brooke, then walk north on St Hubert until you hit Duluth. Or take 
the 55 bus up St Laurent and get off at Duluth and walk east.
Au Pied de Cochon specialises in hearty delicious lumps of meat, 
especially pork?if you?re a vegetarian, don?t bother. It really is delicious, 
good quality food cooked in interesting ways. The starter plate 
of ?cochonailles? or cold meats is a good introduction to the kinds of 
things on offer. If you?re very hungry, there?s a kilo lump of pork which 
once provided us with enough leftovers for two more meals. There?s 
foie gras poutine, which is one of the most decadent things I?ve ever 
tasted. There?s also draft beer and cider, and excellent desserts. If 
you?re going to have one blowout meal, this would be a good choice. 

La Raclette Swiss 

1059 rue Gilford, coin Christophe-Colomb, (514) 524-8118 $30 

Open 6pm?midnight, closed Mondays. Booking a good idea on 

weekends. BYOB. 


From the Palais, take the metro direction Montmorency to Laurier, 
come out at the St-Joseph end, and walk east along Gilford.
This is a Swiss restaurant in a residential neighbourhood. It has an 
outdoor terrasse and a large pleasant interior. The menu reflects 
Swiss specialities?fondue and raclette (a plate of melted cheese) are 
strongly featured, but there?s also a good choice of meat and fish. It?s 
a good choice with a mixed party including some vegetarians who 
like cheese. There are two tables d?hôtes, with a lot of choice?the 
three-course Petit Cru or the five-course Grand Cru. The food is 
plentiful and delicious, the desserts are excellent, and the service is 
friendly without being annoying. 

L?Atelier French tapas 

5308 boulevard St-Laurent, (514) 273-7442 $50 
Tues?Fri 11:30?midnight; weekends 11:30?2pm for brunch, 5:30?
midnight for dinner. Booking a good idea but not always essential. 
From the Palais: straight up St Laurent on the 55 bus.
Atelier means ?workshop? and that is pretty much what this is. There 
are multi-course tasting menus, or you can put together your own 
choices. This is all about having small portions of lots of things?a 
single ravioli, three thimble sized crème brulées, a bite sized steak 
with a slice of truffle. It?s an unforgettable experience, and tons of 
fun. All the food is ?terroir,? meaning locally sourced, in season, and 
often organic. The cheese plate is incomparable. If you?re the sort of 
person who?s always wanting to have multiple starters rather than 
one main course, you?ll enjoy this. 

La Bohème French provincial 

3625 rue St-Denis, (514) 286-6659 $15-30 
Open 11am?11pm, closed Mondays.
From the Palais: take the metro direction Montmorency and get out 
at Sherbrooke, onto St Denis, walk north. 
La Bohème serves the kind of food you get in France?not fancy 
meals with odd sauces, but lots of organ meats, duck confit, great 
soups, and hearty main courses. They do prix-fixe lunches with soup 
and dessert for around $15. You really don?t have to spend more 
than that for good French food. 

Bières et Compagnie Belgian 

4350 rue St-Denis, (514) 844-0394 $15-30 

From the Palais: take the metro direction Montmorency and get out 

at Sherbrooke onto St Denis, walk north for several blocks. 


This is a Belgian restaurant specialising in mussels and beer. The 
beer menu is longer than the food menu. The non-mussels portion of 
the food menu tends to feature things cooked in beer. 

Villa Wellington Peruvian 

4701 rue Wellington, (514) 768-0102 $15-20 

Open 11am?midnight, closed Mondays.
From the Palais: 61 bus south from Square Victoria.
The menu here is bilingual French/Spanish, and only a few of the 
wait-staff speak any English. They?re friendly though. Peruvian food 
is heavy on guacamole, yucca, grilled meat and fish, and lime marinades. 
Jalea is a pile of fish and seafood bigger than your head. Papa 
rellena is a potato layer with minced lamb, onion, olive, and boiled 
egg inside. The vegetarian options are unusual and popular with my 
vegetarian friends. All the main course portions are huge. I especially 
recommend the lamb chops. The desserts aren?t worth the trouble. 

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