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Hi JP,

We have one last largish document to deal with for the con.  Please
translate the attached document.  It is  part of the restaurant guide.
 We would need this translated for Saturday, August 1.

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Shambala Tibetan 

3439 rue St-Denis, (514) 842-2242 $10-15 

Open Mon?Wed noon?10pm, Thu?Fri noon?11pm, weekends 
5pm?11pm. Booking not essential, but might be an idea with a big 
group, as there are only a few big tables.
From the Palais, take the metro direction Montmorency to Sherbrooke, 
get off onto St. Denis and walk downhill, it?s very near.
The décor is traditional Plateau French Victorian?ornate wood, 
overlaid with Tibetan drapes and chimes and pictures, which makes 
it seem somehow as if the Tibetans had colonized France, or perhaps 
the other way around. There are a lot of kinds of delicious dumplings, 
halfway between a won-ton and a pierogi, awesome soups, and 
more Indian-style vegetables with rice. Lots of vegetarian choice, 
some meat as well. The breads are great. You will, of course, order 
butter tea whatever I say, because you?ve read about it all your life. 
One between you will do! 

Troika Russian 

2171 rue Crescent, (514) 849-9333 $40-60 

Open 5pm?11pm. Booking a good idea but not essential.
From the Palais: Walk or take 55 bus up St Laurent to St Laurent 
metro, go on green line direction Angrignon to Peel, come out onto 
Stanley, walk along Maissoneuve west to Crescent.
The style here is definitely Tsarist Russia, and with a whole pile of 
vodka and caviar choices, you can definitely get decadent enough to 
encourage the peasants to rise up and overthrow you. All the food is 
very good, especially the pelimeni (dumplings) and borsht (soup) but 


I recommend the wild boar with foie gras for pure melt-in-the-mouth 
delicious. The desserts are great too. I tend to think of this as a 
winter treat destination, but it is sufficiently air conditioned to make 
you feel as if it?s cold outside. 

Le Georgia Georgian 

5112 boulevard Décarie, (514) 482-1881 $25-40 
Open weekdays noon?10pm, weekends 2pm?midnight.
From the Palais: take the metro direction Côte Vertu to Snowdon, 
walk west down Côte St Mary to Décarie, and then turn north.
Georgian food is like Russian only spicier, closer to Hungarian. There 
are an interesting variety of dumplings and goulashes. 

Azuma Japanese 

5263 rue St-Laurent, (514) 271-5263 $20-30 
Open for lunch 11am?3pm weekdays, and for dinner 3pm?11pm. 
Closed Sunday and Monday. No need to book. 
From the Palais: take a 55 north on St-Laurent to Rue Maguire.
?I haven?t had that since I was in Japan,? was the refrain of one 
friend we took to Azuma. They have all the things you would expect, 
but try the things you don?t see everywhere. The sole in lemon 
sauce is wonderful, the oyakodon is my new comfort food, and they 
always have daily specials that are worth investigating. Oh, and the 
mixed vegetable tempura includes lotus root and other very unusual 
vegetables. Vegetarians can do well here. At lunchtime they have a 
limited menu. The ?whatever we have today bento? is often excellent. 
The staff are really friendly and I?ve never had a bad meal here. 

Isakaya Japanese 

3469 avenue du Parc, (514) 845-8226 $30-40 
Open Wed?Fri 11:30am?2pm, 6pm?9:30pm, Sat?Sun 5:30pm?
9pm, closed Monday and Tuesday. Booking recommended.
From the Palais: take an 80 bus from Place d?Armes to Rue Milton. 
Or walk about 1km up Rue De Bleury (becomes Ave Du Parc).
This is a Japanese/French fusion restaurant, where they serve sushi 
but also eel en croute and other Japanese kinds of food with French 
sauces and vice versa. It can be a little surreal sometimes. 

Toyo Japanese 

2155 rue de la Montagne, (514) 844-9292 $30 
Open Mon?Fri 11:30am?2:30pm, 4:30pm?10pm, Sat 4:30pm?
11pm, Sun 4:30pm?10pm. Booking a good idea with large groups. 
From the Palais, take the 61 north from Square Victoria to McGill 
and Ste Catherine, then walk west to Montagne and then north. Or 


take the metro to Berri-UQAM and change onto the green line direction 
Angrignon and get out at Peel and walk.
Teppenyaki, which means they cook the food on a hot table in front 
of you, with much flame and excitement. The food is always delicious, 
and the cooking is entertaining. Ideal for a group of up to 

From the Palais: Take an 80 bus and get off at Bernard, then walk 

Senzala Brazilian 
177 rue Bernard Ouest, (514) 274-1464 
Breakfasts Thursday?Sunday, dinner every day.

east two blocks. 
With fresh ingredients and an unusual style, Senzala is worth going 
out of the way for. They have excellent meat and great vegetarian 
choices, the breakfasts are unusual and very nice. There?s a terrasse 

Chase Lebanese 

5672 avenue de Monkland, (514) 482-2256 $10-20 

Open 11am?11pm daily, no real need to book except maybe with a 
huge group on a Saturday.
From the Palais: take the metro direction Côte Vertu to Villa Maria 
and then take a 103 bus and get off at Oxford.
Chase does all the standard Lebanese things, but it does them very 
well. They make their own hummus. They also do more unusual 
things?grilled quail, fish and lamb?and they have a whole page of 
vegetarian options. The staff are very friendly. This is an ideal place 
to go if you have some meat eaters and some vegetarians and don?t 
want to spend a fortune. 

Le Petit Cafe Byblos Persian 

1499 avenue Laurier Est, (514) 523-9396 $10-20 

Open 9am?11pm, closed Mondays.
From the Palais, take the metro to Laurier and walk east. 
Byblos is a Babylonian restaurant?well, actually the people are 
from Iran and they describe their food as the family cuisine of the 
middle east. Everything is top quality. The specials tend to be rice-
based or couscous-based and have one meat and one vegetarian option. 
I?ve had lovely things and very odd things. They?re very creative 
with their spices and combinations, and while sometimes this works 
incredibly well, other times it can be very peculiar. On some Sunday 
nights they do a special thing with lamb and herbs (or vegetables 
and herbs) in a kind of casserole in a stone jar. It?s delicious but very 
messy to eat. 


Magdala Ethiopian Ethiopian 

1222 rue Bishop, (514) 866-7667

Open 4:30pm?11pm, closed Monday.
From the Palais, take the metro direction Côte-Vertu to LucienL?Allier, 
walk up Lucien-l?Allier to René-Lévesque, left and then right 
onto Bishop.
Magdala is by far the most authentic Ethiopian around. Prices 
are good, and the portions are reasonable. It has both meat (beef, 
chicken, lamb) and vegetarian dishes. 

Café Santropol Sandwiches, salads, wifi 

3990 rue St-Urbain, (514) 842-3110 less than $10 

Open 11:30am?10pm.
From the Palais, take a 55 bus up St-Laurent to Duluth, walk 2 
blocks west on Duluth to St-Urbain. 
Hippie décor of gloriously mismatched chairs, pressed tin ceiling on 
the walls, pleasant eat-in garden. A neighbourhood fixture. Mostly 
large sandwiches (some of them are odd, hippie sandwiches?largely 
ovo-lacto vegetarian but with add-on options of roast beef, ham, or 
chicken) on their own heavy, brown, moist bread, each garnished 
with a mass of whatever fruit and vegetables they have on hand that 
day, but they also serve salads and chili and soup and some vegetarian 
pies. Dozens of teas, coffees, and fizzy, syrup-flavoured drinks. A 
place to sit for an afternoon and chat. 

La Binerie Mont-Royal Diner 

367 avenue du Mont-Royal E, (514) 285-9078 less than $10 

Open Mon?Fri 6am?8pm, Sat?Sun 7:30am?3pm.
From the Palais, take the metro direction Montmorency to Mont-
Royal, and walk west one block.
If you?re not after fancy, but want a taste of traditional Quebec 
cooking, this is the place. A hole in the wall, but they serve tourtière 
(meat pie) and cretons (pork spread) and, of course, fèves au lard 
(baked beans). Breakfast all day. The pouding chômeur (poor man?s 
pudding) is right and the price is low. 

Yakimono Kosher sushi 

4210 boulevard Décarie, (514) 484-1515

Pareve. Delicious and highly recommended. From the Palais, take 
the metro direction Côte Vertu to Villa Maria, come out onto Décarie, 
cross the road and walk down a few doors. 


Morty?s Steakhouse Kosher steakhouse 

5395 rue Queen Mary, (514) 481-2000

Well thought of locally. From the Palais, take the metro direction 

Côte Vertu to Snowdon and walk downhill 3 blocks. 

El Morocco Kosher 

3450 rue Drummond, (514) 844-6888Meat, Middle-Eastern style. From the Palais, take the 61 north to 
Ste Catherine and walk along until you get to Drummond, or take 
the metro direction Montmorency to Berri-UQAM, change onto the 
green line direction Angrignon, get out at Peel at the Stanley exit, 
walk one block west and one block north. 

Rumi Halal 

4403 boulevard St-Laurent, (514) 670-6770

Traditional Persian food, halal meat and vegetarian. From the Pal

ais, take a 55 bus and get off at Marie Anne. 

Halal 786 Halal 

786 rue Jean-Talon Ouest, (514) 270-0786Widely considered the best Pakistani restaurant in Montréal. From 
the Palais take the 80 bus north to Parc metro and then walk east on 

Le Commensal Vegetarian buffet 

1204 avenue McGill Collège, (514) 871-14801720 rue St-Denis, (514) 845-2627

These places sell food by weight, in a cafeteria system. Everything is 
vegetarian and there?s a big range of things. Beware of getting more 
than you can eat if you don?t have a fridge. From the Palais to the 
McGill Collège (not Rue McGill) location, walk to the Hilton, up the 
hill on University for a couple blocks, then left on Cathcart. For St-
Denis, take the metro direction Montmorency to Berri-UQAM. 

Yuan Vegetarian 

400 rue Sherbrooke Est, (514) 848-0513This is a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant my veg friends really 
enjoyed. From the Palais take the metro direction Montmorency to 
Sherbrooke, come out onto St-Denis, walk south and cross the road. 

Bonny?s Vegetarian 

1748 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 931-4136

Take a 36 bus from Square Victoria. 


Tea in Montréal 

The general standard of tea is better than in the US, but there still tend 
to be ?hot water with a teabag in the saucer? incidents. In walking distance 
of the Palais, there?s Cafe Momus (243 Notre Dame) and Vallier 
(425 McGill), plus the first two below. 

Ming Tao Xuan

451 rue St-Sulpice, (514) 845-9448. 
This place is awesome, it?s full of museum quality Chinese statues 
and teapots, and has four tables. They serve dim sum-style snacks, 
and a variety of wonderful Chinese teas, in appropriate pots, on 
trays. They come over and make the first pot for you, as a demonstration, 
and are quite happy for you to sit there for hours drinking 
tea slowly and talking. $5-10 for a pot of tea. They also sell loose tea. 
Open 11am?7pm. 

The St James Hotel 

355 rue St-Jacques, (514) 841-3111They do an afternoon tea service daily from 2:30pm?5pm in their 
splendid Victorian dining room. The splendor is rather more impressive 
than the tea, though the way the white coated waiters pour it 
individually has to be seen to be believed. For $30 I want more than 
one cucumber sandwich, one salmon sandwich and one scone with 
my pot of tea, but you can?t deny you get it in style. It?s very formal 
indeed, so dress up. But we were still hungry when we left. 

Camellia Sinensis 

351 rue Émery, (514) 286-4002From the Palais take the metro direction Montmorency, get out at 
Berri-UQAM, take the St-Denis exit from the metro, walk north 
up St-Denis to Émery, from the corner you can see the giant teapot 
that is the sign. Again, they sell tea and are a tea house. There?s an 
incredible variety of tea from around the world, served in beautiful 
pots. They also have cakes and desserts. Beautiful décor, relaxed 
atmosphere, a lovely place to hang out. $3-6 for tea, $3-8 for cakes. 
Open noon?11pm, very busy late afternoon and early evening. Very 
knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended. 


Cha Noir 

4646 rue Wellington, (514) 769-1242Near De L?Eglise metro, but from the Palais you can take a 61 bus 
south from Square Victoria and it takes you pretty much directly 
there. With a more Middle Eastern than Asian ambiance, Cha 
Noir has all kinds of tea, including English-style with milk and 
sugar, unlike most tea houses in Montréal. They also serve a terrific 
cheese plate, individual chocolates, and desserts. They sell loose 
teas, including their own blends. $3-7 for tea, $3-10 for food. Open 
noon?10pm. Highly recommended. 

Cha Guan 

5756 avenue de Monkland, (514) 303-8238From the Palais, take the metro direction Côte Vertu, get out at Villa 
Maria and take a 103 bus down Monkland getting off at Melrose. 
(These guys clearly did detailed customer research before deciding to 
open in walking distance of my house.) Great range of Chinese teas, 
huge range of iced teas, lovely Chinese ambiance, low tables, teas for 
sale, desserts, very friendly staff. $5-10 for tea, $5 or so for cakes. 

The Gryphon d?Or Tea Room

5968 avenue de Monkland, (514) 485-7377(Directions as above.) British style tea room, with British style tea in 
blends made with boiling water and served with scones. Afternoon 
tea with 24 hours notice. Open Mon?Tue 10am?5pm, Wed?Fri 
10am?8pm, Sat 10am?5pm, closed Sunday. 

Café Grand 

6202 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, (514) 303-6425From the Palais, take the metro direction Montmorency to Vendôme 
and then take a 105 and get off at Grand, directly opposite the cafe. 
Huge variety of good quality teabags, excellent sandwiches and 
salads, truly astonishing waffles with hot chocolate sauce and sliced 
strawberries, croissants, and they?ll give you as much more hot water 
as you like. Very friendly staff. Tea is $3, lunch is about $10. 

Brûlerie St-Denis 

Chain, variously around Montréal. 
Despite being a coffee specialist, they have excellent tea in a huge 
variety, and served in teapots. I always hope for one. $3.50 for tea. 

Toi, Moi & Cafe 

Notre Dame by Marché Atwater; another on Laurier West near ParcThey?re a cafe serving decadent breakfasts, lunches and dinners, 
excellent desserts, and they have real tea and know how to make it. 



Montréal is famous for its bagels, hand-formed and baked in wood-
fired ovens. These are the most authentic. 

St-Viateur Bagel

263 rue St. Viateur Ouest (514) 270-2972 

24 Hours! Take a 55 north to St-Viateur. 

St-Viateur Bagel & Café

1127 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, (514) 528-63615629 avenue de Monkland, (514) 487-8051


Fairmount Bagels 

74 avenue Fairmount Ouest, (514) 272-0667

24 Hours! Take an 80 north to du Parc/Fairmont, walk east 3 blocks. 

Brew pubs 

Montréal has three great brewpubs where they brew their own beer. 
They all serve food, and they?re all worth checking out. 

Le Cheval Blanc 

809 rue Ontario Est, (514) 522-0211 

Take the metro direction Montmorency to Sherbrooke, and walk 
south on St-Hubert. 

Dieu de Ciel 

29 avenue Laurier Ouest, (514) 490-9555

Take an 80 bus north to Laurier, and it?s about a block west. 


1215 rue Crescent, (514) 393-9277

Either take a 61 north to Ste Catherine and then walk west to Crescent 
and then north, or take the metro to Berri and change to the 
green line, direction Angrignon, get off at Peel, walk west to Crescent. 




There?s a large IGA on the corner of St-Urbain and René Lévesque, 
which probably has enough for most people?s supermarket needs. 
There are also three bakeries and many groceries in Chinatown, for 
fruit, buns, cooked ducks, etc. 


There?s a decent medium-sized pharmacy on the corner of Viger and 
St-Urbain, just outside the Place d?Armes exit of the Palais. It?s open 
until 9pm daily. [Sadly, it?s no longer the Neo-Phan pharmacy, but we 
couldn?t resist the picture.] 

Office Supplies

There?s a huge Bureau en Gros (?Staples?) behind the Delta, at 770 
Notre Dame. 

Party Supplies

For party supplies, or more extensive shopping, I recommend going 
west about a mile on Notre Dame to Marché Atwater and Super-C. 
(The 36 bus runs along here from Square Victoria, or you can take 
the metro direction Côte Vertu and get off an Lionel Groulx and walk 
south.) Super-C is a huge discount superstore, good for flats of cans, 
beer, potato chips, paper plates etc. Marché Atwater is a market, part 
Farmers? Market and part delicatessen. You can get anything here in 
the way of fruits and vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, exotic chocolate, 
pates, etc. There are also two SAQs here, one giant one and a small one 
in the market that specialises in local products. If you enjoyed the ice 
cider in Anticipation?s bid parties, this is where it came from. 

Banks with ATMs 

Banque National?500 Place d?Armes, 600 de la GauchetièreDesjardins?900 Viger OuestCIBC?265 St-Jacques OuestHSBC?88 René-Lévesque Ouest 
Bank of Montréal?61 René-Lévesque OuestBanque Scotia?437 St-JacquesTD?1401 Bleury 


Bureaux de Change

Dinner Plans 

380 St-Antoine Ouest 
1008 Rue Clark 
1112 St-Laurent 
1070 St-Laurent 

Post Office 

Postes Canada has a branch in the Palais, down the corridor with the 
Couche Tard and the Subway. 

Kanji Laundry Service

1235 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 501-3577

Pick-up, wash, dry, fold, deliver, $1.50/lb min 15lbs. No self-service. 
Seems to require some sort of registration. 

Buanderie Du Village laundry 

1499 rue Amherst, (514) 526-4084 (1.9 km / 1.1 miles)

Mon?Sat 9am?7pm, Sunday 11am?7pm.
$9.00-$9.50/load for wash, dry, fold, usually the same day, depending 
on when you bring it in. Self-service available. No pick up or 

Buanderie Du Parc laundry 

3486 avenue du Parc, (514) 885-6478 (1.3 km / 0.8 miles)

Mon?Sat 9:30am?10pm, Sunday noon?10pm.
Self-service, possibly wash/fold as well. 


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