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Hi Jean,

Could you please translate the following bios.


Abigail Nussbaum
Abigail Nussbaum works as a software engineer in Tel Aviv. She blogs
at Asking the Wrong Questions (wrongquestions.blogspot.com) and has
written for Strange Horizons, Vector, Foundation, Infinity Plus, and
The Internet Review of Science Fiction, as well as the Israeli
periodicals The Tenth Dimension and Chalomot BeAspamia.

Alan Beatts
Alan Beatts is the owner of Borderlands Books, one of the world’s
largest science fiction specialty bookstores. He serves on the board
of directors of the World Horror Convention. Prior to opening
Borderlands he worked in law enforcement, as a private investigator
and as a bodyguard.

Alan F. Beck
Nominated for 2009 Best Fan Artist Hugo. Alan is an award winning
artist participating in art shows across the country, producing
paintings, magazine illustrations, and book covers. Style of work is
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Surrealistic in nature and is produced
by combining traditional materials (acrylics, water color, pastels)
with digital media. Creator of the Mouseopolitan Museum of Art series.

Alice Bentley
Alice Bentley is best known as the proprietor of The Stars Our
Destination, a science fiction specialty bookstore in Chicago from
1988 to 2004. While in the Midwest, she attended hundreds of SF
conventions and worked on dozens of them. A member of General Technics
and past Fermilab employee, she will bashfully admit to an addiction
to shojo anime. She currently lives in the Seattle area, with one more
year to go on her MBA.

Aliette de Bodard
Aliette de Bodard is a half_French, half_Vietnamese writer of fantasy
and science fiction (and the occasional piece of horror). She is a
finalist for the 2009 Campbell Award for Best New Writer; her short
fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Interzone, Gardner Dozois’s
Year’s Best Science Fiction, and Realms of Fantasy.

Alison Sinclair
Alison Sinclair is the author of SF novels Legacies, Blueheart, and
Cavalcade (nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award), and of the
fantasy novel Darkborn. She lives in Montreal. Alison Sinclair est
l’auteur des romans SF Legacies, Blueheart, et Cavalcade (nominé pour
le prix Arthur C Clarke), et du roman fantasy Darkborn. Elle habite à

Alison Tieman
Alison Tieman is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design
with a major in Media and Digital Technologies. She is a recipient of
a 2006 New Media art grant from the Canadian Council of the Arts. She
is currently working on an ‘action-heavy western-style shoujo comic
with strong Boy’s Love undertones’ and a Masters in Environmental
Design. She loves skeet shooting, ATVs, homoerotic anything and bubble
tea. She lives in Calgary with her husband and his three cats.

Alter S. Reiss
Alter Reiss is a freelance archaeological editor, and occasional field
archaeologist. He is married to Naomi Libicki, and is Uriel Reiss’s
father. He hasn’t sold any novels yet, but not for lack of trying.

Amelia Beamer
Amelia Beamer is an editor and book reviewer at Locus. She has
published academic articles in Foundation, JFA, and other venues. Her
fiction has won several literary prizes.

Amy Thomson
Amy Thomson is the author of Storyteller, Through Alien Eyes, The
Color of Distance, and Virtual Girl. She won the John W. Campbell
Award for best new writer in 1994. The Color of Distance was nominated
for the 1995 Philip K. Dick Award and her novel Storyteller was a
finalist for the 2004 Endeavour Award. She recently finished her fifth
novel. When not writing, she can be found out standing in her field,
gardening. Or maybe travelling to Mongolia, or building a kayak.

Ana Cristina Campos Rodrigues
Ana Cristina Rodrigues is a Brazilian historian and writer, president
of the Science Fiction Reader’s Club (CLFC)

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