[Translation] Missing translation

René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 18:22:32 PST 2009


There is english text on this page: 

that is not on the French equivalent.

This could be becasue

1) it never got trasnlated or 2) it got trasnlated and the document 
never made it to the webmaster (in which case I apologize to the 
person who did the trasnlation but ask they please send it in again)

Either way, can someone please take care of it?

I also want to remind you all that PR4 is coming up and lots of texts 
will be arriving shortly.

Also, there are still quite a few biographies left ot translate.

So far, most things have been translated by Saskia and Sylvain and 
I'd like to see other folks taking a bit more of an active part since 
these two people will be overwhelmed if they are left to do it all on 
their own.



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