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Heres is the translation, attached as a Word file.


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> Alison is sick and may not be able to get to this item.  I'd   
> appreciate it if one of you would translate the following:
> *******************************
> Tom Doherty
> by Orson Scott Card
> There’s a reason why TOR is the dominant force in SF publishing today. Yes,
> TOR has excellent editors; yes, TOR has attracted many (some say most) of the
> best authors in the field. But why do good editors and writers come to TOR
> and stay with TOR? Tom Doherty is the complete answer.
> At TOR he has created a standard of excellence and integrity. When Tom gives
> his word, that’s better than any other company’s contract. He also knows what
> he’s doing — nobody sells books better than Tom. One of his great   
> “secrets” of
> bookselling is that he actually reads the books he publishes. What a thought!
> Then he handsells these products that he actually knows to people who realize
> that he remembers and cares about them as human beings.
> Tom is never faking it. He says what he means, he means what he says. I
> remember back in 1983, talking to Tom at the ABA. “I’ve realized I   
> can’t write
> Speaker for the Dead unless I first expand the short story Ender’s   
> Game into a
> novel.” Tom nodded, said, “Same terms as the Speaker contract?” and I said
> “yes” and it was done.
> Please remember, he was talking, not to the author of the Ender series and
> dozens of other books, but to a writer whose books had never earned out the
> advances paid by other publishers. Tom believed in my ability, and   
> he believed
> he could do a better job of selling my books. I have tried to   
> measure up to his
> trust, and he has done his job brilliantly.
> Over the years, Tom has become a family friend. He not only raised my
> standards in fine dining by taking us to eat at restaurants that made it
> impossible for us to return to the iffier fare we were used to — which has
> changed the lives of the entire family — but his concern for us as human
> beings is real.
> He has stood by us at the funerals of two children. No one expected him to
> come, except himself, and so he was there. He includes his own family in his
> work, to the degree they want to be involved in it, and so I have come to see
> him in his natural habitat, surrounded by his extraordinary children and his
> warm and gracious wife.
> He has talked with me earnestly about my stories and sometimes pled with me
> to change an artistic decision. When I believed he was right, I changed the
> text; when I believed I was right, I left it as it stood — but in   
> either case, he
> published the book, never trying to force me to do anything I didn’t  
>  believe in.
> He can also swim in the ocean for miles, his powerful torso ripping him
> through the waves. When I see him swim, I think: This is how he lives his
> whole life. He takes great handfuls of something so fluid other people can
> hardly hold any of it; he pushes against something in which other   
> people sink.
> And as he moves forward, he draws everyone else with him. A powerful
> tugboat of a man, moving upstream. I’m glad to be in his tow.
> ***************************************************************
> Thank you,
> Eugene
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