[Translation] Missing translation

René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 05:15:04 PST 2009

At 7:28 AM -0500 3/3/09, sylvst at total.net wrote:
>Quoting René Walling <cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com>:
>>Also, there are still quite a few biographies left ot translate.
>???  Which ones?  I was quite sure they were all 
>done!  I sent the translation of pages 3 to 6, 
>and was told that pages 1 and 2 were finished a 
>long time ago.

Well since the translated ones seem to 
"disappear" as Mike McMillan integrates them to 
the Proramme PArticipant Database, I assume the 
ones that are left still need to be translated. 
Right now, pages 3, 4 and 5 still have quite a 
few names on them.


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