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I'll do it if no one else has already started on it. I haven't contributed
anything in a while, so it would be my pleasure. Please let me know if
anyone else is working on it first. Thanks, JPM 

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Alison is sick and may not be able to get to this item.  I'd appreciate it
if one of you would translate the following:

Tom Doherty
by Orson Scott Card
There's a reason why TOR is the dominant force in SF publishing today. Yes,
TOR has excellent editors; yes, TOR has attracted many (some say most) of
the best authors in the field. But why do good editors and writers come to
TOR and stay with TOR? Tom Doherty is the complete answer.
At TOR he has created a standard of excellence and integrity. When Tom gives
his word, that's better than any other company's contract. He also knows
what he's doing - nobody sells books better than Tom. One of his great
"secrets" of bookselling is that he actually reads the books he publishes.
What a thought!
Then he handsells these products that he actually knows to people who
realize that he remembers and cares about them as human beings.
Tom is never faking it. He says what he means, he means what he says. I
remember back in 1983, talking to Tom at the ABA. "I've realized I can't
write Speaker for the Dead unless I first expand the short story Ender's
Game into a novel." Tom nodded, said, "Same terms as the Speaker contract?"
and I said "yes" and it was done.
Please remember, he was talking, not to the author of the Ender series and
dozens of other books, but to a writer whose books had never earned out the
advances paid by other publishers. Tom believed in my ability, and he
believed he could do a better job of selling my books. I have tried to
measure up to his trust, and he has done his job brilliantly.
Over the years, Tom has become a family friend. He not only raised my
standards in fine dining by taking us to eat at restaurants that made it
impossible for us to return to the iffier fare we were used to - which has
changed the lives of the entire family - but his concern for us as human
beings is real.
He has stood by us at the funerals of two children. No one expected him to
come, except himself, and so he was there. He includes his own family in his
work, to the degree they want to be involved in it, and so I have come to
see him in his natural habitat, surrounded by his extraordinary children and
his warm and gracious wife.
He has talked with me earnestly about my stories and sometimes pled with me
to change an artistic decision. When I believed he was right, I changed the
text; when I believed I was right, I left it as it stood - but in either
case, he published the book, never trying to force me to do anything I
didn't believe in.
He can also swim in the ocean for miles, his powerful torso ripping him
through the waves. When I see him swim, I think: This is how he lives his
whole life. He takes great handfuls of something so fluid other people can
hardly hold any of it; he pushes against something in which other people
And as he moves forward, he draws everyone else with him. A powerful tugboat
of a man, moving upstream. I'm glad to be in his tow.
Thank you,

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